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31. CYCLE_D VERSION 4.0: Theoretical Vapor Compression Cycle Design Program
Published: 4/9/2009
Authors: J S Brown, Piotr A Domanski, Eric W Lemmon
Abstract: This paper presents Version 4.0 of the CYCLE_D: NIST Vapor Compression Cycle Design Program. The model can simulate a basic subcritical or transcritical refrigeration cycle, both with or without a liquid-line/suction-line heat exchanger. In additio ...

32. Longitudinal Heat Conduction in Finned-Tube Evaporators
Published: 1/25/2009
Author: Piotr A Domanski

33. Cooling Mode Fault Detection And Diagnosis Method For A Residential Heat Pump
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1087
Published: 10/17/2008
Authors: Minsung Kim, Seok H. Yoon, William V Payne, Piotr A Domanski
Abstract: Performance characteristics of a R410A residential unitary split heat pump equipped with a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) were investigated in the cooling mode under no-fault and faulty conditions. An automated method of steady-state detection w ...

34. Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger Simulation Program With Refrigerant Circuitry Optimization Capability
Published: 10/15/2008
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David A Yashar, Kenneth Kaufman
Abstract: This paper presents an interactive finned-tube evaporator and condenser design program, EVAP-COND (ver. 3), which incorporates a computational intelligence module, ISHED (Intelligent System for Heat Exchanger Design), for optimization of refrigerant ...

35. Measurement of Air-Velocity Profiles for Finned-Tube Heat Exchangers Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Published: 7/14/2008
Authors: David A Yashar, Piotr A Domanski, Hong H. Cho
Abstract: The performance of a finned tube heat exchanger is strongly affected by the distribution of the air that passes through it.  The air velocity distribution for finned-tube heat exchangers is not very well documented today because it is difficult ...

36. R-22 Replacement Status (in Russian)
Published: 6/25/2008
Authors: J M Calm, Piotr A Domanski
Abstract: Since its initial recognition in 1928 and commercialization in 1936, R-22 has been applied in systems ranging from the smallest window air conditioners to the largest chillers and heat pumps, including those for district cooling and heating. Individu ...

37. Design of a steady-state detector for fault detection and diagnosis of a residential air conditioner
Published: 5/1/2008
Authors: Minsung Kim, Seok H. Yoon, Piotr A Domanski, William V Payne
Abstract: This paper presents a general methodology for developing a steady-state detector for a vapor compression system based on a moving window and using standard deviations of seven measurements selected as features. The feature thresholds and optimized ...

38. Condensadores de Tubo con Aletas Optimizacion Mediante Sistema Inteligente
Published: 2/1/2008
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David A Yashar
Abstract: The refrigerant circuitry influences a heat exchanger's attainable capacity. Typically, a design engineer specifies a circuitry and validates it using a simulation model or laboratory test. The circuitry optimization process can be improved by using ...

39. Application of an Evolution Program for Refrigerant Circuitry Optimization
Published: 12/7/2007
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David A Yashar
Abstract: Increased concerns about climate change have emphasized the importance of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems with a high coefficient of performance (COP). The effectiveness of heat exchangers significantly influences the vapor-compression sy ...

40. REFLEAK: NIST Leak/Recharge Simulation Program for Refrigerant Mixtures. Version 3.1. User's Guide.
Series: Natl Std. Ref. Data Series (NIST NSRDS)
Report Number: 73
Published: 11/1/2007
Authors: Piotr A Domanski, David Didion, Min S. Kim
Abstract: REFLEAK estimates composition changes of zeotropic mixtures in leak and recharge processes. The leak/recharge simulation program consists of three parts: 1) the pre-processing section for inputting required data, 2) the computation section which simu ...

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