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31. Analysis of uncertainty in particle mass measurement using an aerosol particle mass analyzer
Published: 9/9/2007
Authors: Kensei Ehara, Hiromu Sakurai, Akira Yabe, Naoko Tajima, Kevin J Coakley
Abstract: The aerosol particle mass analyzer (APM) classifies aerosol particles according to their mass-to-charge ratio (Ehara et al., 1996). Particle mass can be measured by use of the APM in combination with a condensation particle counter. Being a balance m ...

32. Optimal Ion Trapping Experiment
Published: 5/10/2007
Author: Kevin J Coakley
Abstract: In each run of an experiment, ions are confined in a trap for duration {\tau}. After the trapping stage, ions are purged and detected. The detector provides incomplete information because it goes dead after detecting the first trapped ion. There is a ...

33. Feasibility of Coded Source Neutron Transmission Tomography
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Kevin J Coakley, Daniel S Hussey
Abstract: In a simulation experiment, we study the feasibility of coded source neutron transmission tomography for imaging water density in fuel cells at the NIST neutron imaging facility. In standard two-dimensional transmission tomography, one reconstructs a ...

34. Stochastic Modeling and Estimation in a Neutron Lifetime Experiment
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Yang G. L., Kevin J Coakley
Abstract: A team of researchers demonstrated at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cold Neutron Research Facility for the first time that ultra cold neutrons can be confined in a magnetic trap filled with liquid helium. This technical breakthro ...

35. Observation of the Radiative Decay Mode of the Free Neutron
Published: 12/29/2006
Authors: Jeffrey S Nico, Maynard S Dewey, Thomas R Gentile, Hans P Mumm, Alan K Thompson, B Fisher, I Kremsky, Fred Eberhardt Wietfeldt, T E Chupp, R Cooper, E Beise, K G Kiriluk, J Byrne, Kevin J Coakley
Abstract: The theory of quantum electrodynamics predicts that beta decay of the neutron into a proton, electron, and antineutrino should be accompanied by a continuous spectrum of soft photons. While this inner bremsstrahlung branch has been previously measure ...

36. Progress Towards a Precision Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime Using Magnetically Trapped Ultracold Neutrons
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: P.-N. Seo, Kevin J Coakley, J M Doyle, F H DuBose, R Golub, E Korobkina, S K Lamoreaux, Hans P Mumm, C M O'Shaughnessy, G R Palmquis, A K Thompson, Grace L Yang, L Yang, Paul R Huffman
Abstract: As part of an on-going program utilizing magnetically trapped ultracold neutrons (UCNs,) we are developing a technique that offers the possibility of improving the precision of the neutron lifetime by more than an order of magnitude. The experiment w ...

37. Relative Permittivity and Loss Tangent Measurement Using the NIST 60 mm Cylindrical Cavity
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1537
Published: 9/1/2005
Authors: Michael D Janezic, Jolene D Splett, Kevin J Coakley, Raian K. Kaiser, John H. Grosvenor Jr
Abstract: In order to develop a dielectric Standard Reference Material (SRM), a measurement system for measuring the relative permittivity and loss tangent of dielectric materials is presented. To achieve the necessary level of measurement accuracy, we selecte ...

38. Chaotic Scattering and Escape Times of Marginally Trapped Ultracold Neutrons
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Published: 7/1/2005
Authors: Kevin J Coakley, J M Doyle, S N Dzhosyuk, L Yang, Paul R Huffman
Abstract: We compute classical trajectories of ultracold neutrons (UCNs) in a superconducting Ioffe-type magnetic trap using a symplectic integration method. We find that the computed escape time for a particular set of initial conditions (momentum and positio ...

39. Secondary ion mass spectrometry measurements of isotopic ratios: Correction for time varying count rates
Published: 1/15/2005
Authors: Kevin J Coakley, A M Leifer, David S Simons
Abstract: In Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry measurement systems, the count rate of isotopes may vary in time as a particle is consumed during the analysis. Since only one isotope at a time is measured, this drift can introduce systematic error into the estima ...

40. Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Measurements of Isotopic Ratios: Correction for Time Varying Count Rate
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Kevin J Coakley, A M Leifer, David S Simons
Abstract: In Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry measurement systems, the count rate of isotopes may vary in time as a particle is consumed during the analysis. Since only one isotope at a time is measured, this drift can introduce systematic error into the estim ...

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