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21. Phase transitions, entanglement and quantum noise interferometry in cold atoms
Published: 3/5/2009
Authors: F. Mintert, A.M. Rey, Indubala Indradev Satija, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We show that entanglement monotones can characterize the pronounced enhancement of entanglement at a quantum phase transition if they are sensitive to long-range high order correlations. These monotones are found to develop a sharp peak at the critic ...

22. Creating a supersolid in one-dimensional Bose mixtures
Published: 1/15/2009
Authors: Ludwig G. Mathey, Ippei Danshita, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We identify a one-dimensional supersolid phase in a binary mixture of near-hardcore bosons with weak, local interspecies repulsion. We find realistic conditions under which such a phase, defined here as the coexistence of quasi-superfluidity and quas ...

23. The TREC 2006 Terabyte Track
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Published: 3/24/2008
Authors: Stefan Buttcher, Charles L. Clarke, Ian M Soboroff
Abstract: The primary goal of the Terabyte Track is to develop an evaluation methodology for terabyte-scale document collections. In addition, we are interested in efficiency and scalability issues, which can be studied more easily in the context of a larger c ...

24. Quantum key distribution at GHz transmission rates
Published: 2/11/2008
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan Mink, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Quantum key distribution (QKD) channels are typically realized by transmitting and detecting single photons, and therefore suffer from dramatic reductions in throughput due to both channel loss and noise. These shortcomings can be mitigated by applyi ...

25. Pseudo-Fermionization of 1-D Bosons in Optical Lattices
Published: 2/2/2008
Authors: G Pupillo, A M. Rey, Carl J Williams, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We present a model that generalizes the Bose-Fermi mapping for strongly correlated 1D bosons in an optical lattice, to cases in which the average number of atoms per site is larger than one. This model gives an accurate account of equilibrium propert ...

26. Accurate Determination of Electric-Dipole Matrix Elements in K and Rb From Stark Shift Measurements
Published: 11/30/2007
Authors: B Arora, M S Safronova, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Stark shifts of potassium and rubidium D1 lines have been measured with high precision by Miller et al [1]. In this work, we combine these measurements with our all-order calculations to determine the values of the electric-dipole matrix elements for ...

27. Magic Wavelengths for the np - ns Transitions in Alkali-Metal Atoms
Published: 11/15/2007
Authors: B Arora, M S Safronova, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Extensive calculations of the electric-dipole matrix elements in alkali-metal atoms are conducted using the relativistic all-order method. This approach is a linearized version of the coupled-cluster method, which sums infinite sets of many-body pert ...

28. Quantum Phases of Bosons in Double-Well Optical Lattices
Published: 10/4/2007
Authors: Ippei Danshita, J G Williams, Carlos Sa de Melo, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We study the superfluid to Mott insulator transition of bosons in a two-legged ladder optical lattice, of a type accessible in current experiments on double-well optical lattices. The zero-temperature phase diagram is mapped out, with a focus on its ...

29. Detector Dead-Time Effects and Paralyzability in High-Speed Quantum Key Distribution
Published: 9/10/2007
Authors: Daniel Rogers, Joshua C Bienfang, Anastase Nakassis, Hai Xu, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Recent advances in quantum key distribution (QKD) have given rise to systems that operate at transmission periods significantly shorter than the dead times of their component single-photon detectors. As systems continue to increase in transmission ra ...

30. The TREC 2005 Terabyte Track
Published: 8/27/2007
Authors: Charles L. Clarke, Falk Scholer, Ian M Soboroff
Abstract: The Terabyte Track explores how retrieval and evaluation techniques can scale to terabyte-sized collections, examining both efficiency and effectiveness issues. TREC 2005 is the second year for the track. The track was introduced as part of TREC 2004 ...

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