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11. RECIST vs. Volume Measurement in Medical CT Using Ellipsoids of Known Size
Published: 4/12/2010
Authors: Zachary H Levine, Bruce R. Borchardt, Nolan J Brandenburg, Charles W Clark, Balasubramanian Muralikrishnan, Craig M Shakarji, Joseph J. Chen, Eliot L. Siegel
Abstract: (a) Purpose: We wanted to test the extent to which two common methods of determining the sizes of tumors would perform when compared to a statistically significant number of well-characterized reference objects. The size of the objects was chosen to ...

12. Ultracold Atom Spin Field Effect Transistor
Published: 9/14/2009
Authors: Jay Vaishnav, Julius Ruseckas, Charles W Clark, Gediminas Juzelunas
Abstract: We propose a method of constructing cold atom analogs of the spintronic device known as the Datta-Das transistor (DDT), which despite its seminal conceptual role in spintronics, has never been successfully realized with electrons. We propose two alte ...

13. Collisional cooling of ultra-cold atom ensembles using Feshbach resonances
Published: 9/8/2009
Authors: Ludwig G. Mathey, Eite Tiesinga, Paul S Julienne, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We propose a new type of cooling mechanism for ultra-cold fermionic atom ensembles, which capitalizes on the energy dependence of inelastic collisions in the presence of a Feshbach resonance. We first discuss the case of a single magnetic reson ...

14. Counterflow and paired superfluidity in one-dimensional Bose mixtures in optical lattices
Published: 8/24/2009
Authors: Anzi A. Hu, Ludwig G. Mathey, Ippei Danshita, Eite Tiesinga, Carl J Williams, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We study the quantum phases of mixtures of ultra-cold bosonic atoms held in an optical lattice that confines motion or hopping to one spatial dimension. The phases are found by using Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid theory as well as the numerical method of ...

15. Experimental Study of High Speed Polarization -Coding Quantum Key Distribution with Sifted -Key Rates Over Mbit/s
Published: 6/1/2009
Authors: Xiao Tang, Lijun Ma, Alan Mink, Anastase Nakassis, Barry J. Hershman, Joshua C Bienfang, David H Su, Ronald F Boisvert, Charles W Clark, Carl J Williams
Abstract: We have demonstrated a polarization encoded, fiber-based quantum key distribution system operating at 850 nm in the B92 protocol. With a quantum bit transmission rate i.e. optical pulse driving frequency of 625 MHz and a mean photon number of 0.1, we ...

16. Quantum Key Distribution System Operating at Sifted-Key Rate Over 4 Mbit/s^u1^
Published: 6/1/2009
Authors: Xiao Tang, Lijun Ma, Alan Mink, Anastase Nakassis, Hai Xu, Barry J. Hershman, Joshua C Bienfang, David H Su, Ronald F Boisvert, Charles W Clark, Carl J Williams
Abstract: A complete fiber-based polarization encoding quantum key distribution (QKD) system based on the BB84 protocol has been developed at National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST). The system can be operated at a sifted key rate of more than 4 M ...

17. Topological Insulators and Metals in Atomic Optical Lattices
Published: 5/28/2009
Authors: Tudor Stanescu, Victor Galitski, Jay Vaishnav, Charles W Clark, Sankar Das Sarma
Abstract: We propose the realization of topological quantum states with cold atoms trapped in an optical lattice. We discuss an experimental setup that generates a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice in the presence of a light-induced periodic vector potential, ...

18. Measurement of Small Birefringence and Loss in a Nonlinear Single-mode Waveguide
Published: 5/11/2009
Authors: Daniel Rogers, Charles W Clark, Christopher Richardson, Julius Goldhar
Abstract: We design and fabricate a birefringent semiconductor waveguide for application to nonlinear photonics, demonstrating that it is possible to engineer a small birefringence into such a device using multiple core layers. We also demonstrate a simple t ...

19. Symmetry-Breaking and Symmetry-Restoring Dynamics of a Mixture of Bose-Einstein Condensates in a Double Well
Published: 3/16/2009
Authors: Indubala Indradev Satija, Radha Balakrishnan, P. Naudus, Jeffrey Heward, M Edwards, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We study the coherent nonlinear tunneling dynamics of a binary mixture of Bose-Einstein condensates in a double-well potential. We demonstrate the existence of a new type of coherence associated with the symmetry restoring nonlinear swapping modes ...

20. Phase transitions, entanglement and quantum noise interferometry in cold atoms
Published: 3/5/2009
Authors: F. Mintert, A.M. Rey, Indubala Indradev Satija, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We show that entanglement monotones can characterize the pronounced enhancement of entanglement at a quantum phase transition if they are sensitive to long-range high order correlations. These monotones are found to develop a sharp peak at the critic ...

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