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11. Accurate Measurements of Process Gas Flow with Laminar Flow Meters
Published: 10/15/2010
Authors: Thiago Cobu, Robert F Berg, John D Wright, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We calibrated three models of commercially-manufactured, laminar flow meters (LFMs) with nitrogen at four pressures (100 kPa, 200 kPa, 300 kPa, and 400 kPa) over a 10:1 flow range using NIST‰s primary flow standards and a physical model. Without addi ...

12. Capillary flow meter for calibrating spinning rotor gauges
Published: 8/6/2008
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: This article describes a capillary flow meter whose maximum flow rate of 0.2 micromol/s (~0.2 cm3/min at ambient conditions) covers the range that is useful for calibrating spinning rotor gauges. Knowing the input pressure, output pressure, and tempe ...

13. Shear Thinning Near the Critical Point of Xenon
Published: 4/17/2008
Authors: Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover, M Yao, G A Zimmerli
Abstract: We measured shear thinning, a viscosity decrease ordinarily associated with complex liquids, near the critical point of xenon. The data span the range of reduced shear rates: 0.001 < {gamma}{tau} < 700, where {gamma}{tau} is the shear rate scal ...

14. Reference Viscosities of H^d2^, CH^d4^, Ar and Xe at Low Densities
Published: 8/1/2007
Authors: E May, Robert F Berg, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We determined the zero-density viscosity eta of hydrogen, methane and argon in the temperature range 200 K to 400 K, with standard uncertainties of 0.084 % for hydrogen and argon and 0.096 % for methane. These uncertainties are dominated by the unce ...

15. Transport Properties of Argon at Zero Density From Viscosity-Ratio Measurements
Published: 4/1/2006
Authors: E May, Michael R Moldover, Robert F Berg, John J. Hurly
Abstract: We determined the zero-density viscosity and thermal conductivity of argon with an uncertainty of only 0.039 % in the temperature range 200 K to 400 K. Our results will improve: (1) the argon-argon interatomic potential, (2) calculated boundary-laye ...

16. Erratum: Simple Flow Meter and Viscometer for Gases With 0.04 % Uncertainty [Metrologia 42, 11-23 (2005)]
Published: 2/1/2006
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: This is an erratum.

17. Viscosity
Published: 12/1/2005
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: This article summarizes the role of viscosity in describing the properties and flow of fluids. Its measurement, dependences on temperature and density, and deviations from Newtonian behavior are discussed. Example plots and a bibliography are include ...

18. Fluids Near a Critical Point Obey the Cox-Merz Rule.
Published: 7/1/2005
Author: Robert F Berg

19. Simple flow meter and viscometer of high accuracy for gases
Published: 1/6/2005
Author: Robert F Berg
Abstract: A model and supporting measurements are presented for the laminar flow of gases through a long capillary with a circular cross section. Using the model with a coil of quartz capillary of known dimensions yields the flow rates of a gas of known viscos ...

20. Development of a Microfluidic Rheometer for Complex Fluids
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Jai A Pathak, Robert F Berg, Kathryn L Beers
Abstract: Our group has recently published a report of a combinatorial rheometer/viscometer developed in our lab, based on the princinple of a damped harmonic oscillator. In this paper, we describe a modification of this approach to scale down this viscometer ...

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