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81. Comparison of Electrical CD Measurements and Cross-Section Lattice-Plane Counts of Sub-Micrometer Features Replicated in (100) Silicon-on-Insulator Material
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, John E Bonevich, T J. Headley, Richard A Allen, Lucille A. Giannuzzi, Sarah C. Everist, Rathindra Ghoshtagore, Patrick J. Shea
Abstract: Test structures of the type known as cross-bridge resistors have been patterned in (100) epitaxial silicon material that was seeded on Bonded and Etched-Back silicon-on-Insulator (BESOI) substrates. The electrical CDs (Critical Dimensions) of a limit ...

82. Linewidth Measurement Intercomparison on a BESOI Sample
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: John S Villarrubia, Andras Vladar, J R. Lowney, Michael T Postek, Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell, Rathindra Ghoshtagore
Abstract: The effect of the instrument on the measurement must be known in order to generate an accurate linewidth measurement. Although instrument models exist for a variety of techniques, how does one assess the accuracy of these models? Intercomparisons bet ...

83. Characterization of Electrical Linewidth Test Structures Patterned in (100) Silicon-on-Insulator for Use as CD Standards
Published: 4/6/2000
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, Richard A Allen, Rathindra Ghoshtagore, Nadine Guillaume, Patrick J. Shea, Sarah C. Everist, Loren W. Linholm

84. A New Method to Measure the Distance Between Graduation Lines on Graduate Scales
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: William B. Penzes, Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell, Loren W. Linholm, E Clayton Teague

85. Intercomparison of SEM, AFM, and Electrical Linewidths
Published: 9/1/1999
Authors: John S Villarrubia, R. Dixon, S. Jones, J R. Lowney, Michael T Postek, Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell

86. Analysis of Current Flow in Mono-Crystalline Electrical Linewidth Structures
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: S Smith, I. A. Lindsay, Anthony Walton, Michael W Cresswell, Loren W. Linholm, Richard A Allen, M. Fallon, Alan Gundlach
Abstract: The current flow in lightly doped mono-crystalline silicon structures designed for use as low cost secondary reference linewidth standards is investigated. It is demonstrated that surface charge can have a significant effect upon the measurements of ...

87. Intercomparison of SEM, AFM, and Electrical Linewidths
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: John S Villarrubia, Ronald G Dixson, Samuel N Jones, J R. Lowney, Michael T Postek, Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell
Abstract: Uncertainty in the locations of line edges dominates the uncertainty budget for high quality sub-micrometer linewidth measurements. For microscopic techniques like scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM), the image of the ...

88. Comparison of Sheet-Resistance Measurements Obtained By Standard and Small-Area Four-Point Probing
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: Nadine Guillaume, Michael W Cresswell, Richard A Allen, Sarah C. Everist, Loren W. Linholm
Abstract: A modification of the standard four-point probing technique has been developed for measuring the sheet resistance of conducting films. Although the areas of unpatterned film that are required by the new modified technique are significantly less then ...

89. Extraction of Sheet-Resistance from Four-Terminal Sheet Resistors in Monocrystalline Films Having Non- Planar Geometries
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, Nadine Guillaume, Richard A Allen, William F Guthrie, Rathindra Ghoshtagore, James C. OwenI, Z. Osborne, N. Sullivan, Loren W. Linholm
Abstract: This paper describes methods for the extraction of sheet resistance from V/I measurements made on four-terminal sheet resistors incorporated into electrical linewidth test structures patterned with non-planar geometries in monocrystalline silicon-on- ...

90. Sheet and Line Resistance of Patterned SOI Surface Film CD Reference Materials as a Function of Substrate Bias
Published: 4/1/1999
Authors: Richard A Allen, Eric M. Vogel, Loren W. Linholm, Michael W Cresswell
Abstract: Recently, NIST has been developing electrical test structures to serve as a critical dimension (CD) reference artifacts for calibrating CD metrology systems. The reference artifacts are fabricated in monocrystalline silicon-on-insulator films and are ...

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