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111. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) J93 Project Proposal Report
Published: 6/15/1994
Authors: Michael T Postek, Robert D. Larrabee, L Linholm, James Edward Potzick, J Schneir, T Mcwaid, Michael W Cresswell, Richard A Allen, E Clayton Teague
Abstract: Unavailable.

112. An Electrical Test Structure for Improved Measurement of Feature Placement and Overlay in Integrated Circuit Fabrication Processes
Published: 12/31/1993
Authors: Richard A Allen, C. E. Schuster

113. Test Structure for the In-Plane Locations of Projected Features with Nanometer-Level Accuracy Traceable to a Coordinate Measurement System
Published: 12/31/1993
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, Richard A Allen, C. H. Linholm, Colleen E. Hood, William B. Penzes, E Clayton Teague

114. Comparisons of Measured Linewidths of Sub-Micrometer Lines Using Optical, Electrical, and SEM Metrologies
Published: 9/1/1993
Authors: Richard A Allen, P. Troccolo, James C. OwenI, James Edward Potzick, Michael T Postek, Loren W. Linholm

115. Elimination of Effects Due to Patterning Imperfections in Electrical Test Structures for Submicrometer Feature Metrology
Published: 12/31/1992
Authors: Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell

116. Voltage-Dividing Potentiometer Enhancements for High-Precision Feature Placement Metrology
Published: 12/31/1992
Authors: Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell, Colleen E. Hood, Loren W. Linholm

117. A New Test Structure for the Electrical Measurement of the Width of Short Features with Arbitrarily Wide Voltage Taps
Published: 6/1/1992
Authors: Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell, Laurence M. Buck

118. A Modified Sliding Wire Potentiometer Test Structure for Mapping Nanometer-Level Distances
Published: 12/31/1991
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, Michael Gaitan, Richard A Allen, Loren W. Linholm

119. Extending Electrical Measurements to the 0.5-um Regime
Published: 12/31/1991
Authors: P. Troccolo, L. Mantalas, Richard A Allen, Loren W. Linholm

120. Knowledge Verification of Machine-Learning Procedures Based on Test Structure Measurements
Published: 12/31/1991
Authors: D. Khera, Loren W. Linholm, Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell, V. C. Tyree, W. Hansford, C. Pina

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