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 April 27, 2010—NIST Develops ‘Dimmer Switch’ for Superconducting Quantum Computing, Lollipops and Ice Fishing: Molecular Rulers Used to Probe Nanopores, To Improve Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Good Medicine Is a Polymer Pill, New Study Helps Explain the Surprising Behavior of Tiny ‘Artificial Muscles’, Seeing Moiré in Graphene, NIST, Maryland Researchers COMMAND a Better Class of Liposomes, USGv6 Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Testing Program and Updated Protocol, and Teams Gearing Up for Two NIST Robotic Competitions in Alaska.
 April 13, 2010—Knowing When Poultry Goes Foul, NIST Detector Counts Photons With 99 Percent Efficiency, New MEP Advisory Board White Paper Assesses the Present and Future of American Manufacturing, and FISMA Project Manager Ron Ross Named to 2010 Federal 100 List.
 March 30, 2010— NIST Researchers Holding Steady in an Atomic-Scale Tug-of-War, NIST Racetrack Ion Trap is a Contender in Quantum Computing Quest, Paintable Electronics? NIST Studies Spray-On Manufacturing of Transistors, NIST Scientists Address ‘Wrinkles’ in Transparent Film Development, Smoke Alarms + Sprinklers + Closed Doors = Lives Saved in Dorm Fires, Health Information Security Conference to Run May 11-12 in D.C., and NIST Director Gallagher to Co-Chair White House Standards Committee, Good Times! Get to Know Your Radio-Controlled Clock, NIST Advisory Committee Issues 2009 Annual Report,” and “Three New Members Join NIST Advisory Group.
 March 16, 2010—Layered Graphene Sheets Could Solve Hydrogen Storage Issues, NIST, Partners Develop Testing Infrastructure for Health IT Systems, March Workshop at NIST to Focus on Preserving Our Digital Data, Baldrige Program Funds Four State Efforts to Teach Performance Excellence, Quality Is Virtual! Baldrige Program Offers Quest for Excellence Online, NCNR Researchers Win Prizes in Neutron Scattering, and New Chair, Vice Chair Elected to NIST Policy Advisory Group.
 March 2, 2010—Mouse Work: New Insights on a Fundamental DNA Repair Mechanism, Call Forwarding: New NIST Procedure Could Speed Cell Phone Testing, NIST, NASA Launch Joint Effort to Develop New Climate Satellites, First Test Labs for Next-Generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) Are Accredited, NIST Launches New Competition for Research Facility Construction Grants, Two Institutions Selected to Manage New NIST Fellowship Programs, NIST Releases Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems, Comments Requested on Draft Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6, and Role-Based Training for IT Security Is the Topic of March Educators’ Conference.
 Feb. 16, 2010—NIST Budget Request Proposes 7.3 Percent Increase in Funding, Future of Hydrogen Fuel Flows Through New NIST Test Facility, JILA Scientists Demonstrate First Controlled Chemical Reactions of Ultracold Molecules, NIST’s Second ‘Quantum Logic Clock’ is Now World’s Most Precise Clock, International Biometrics Conference to Meet at NIST March 2-4, NIST Issues Expanded Draft of Smart Grid Cyber Security Strategy, and MEP to Support New Building-Efficiency Research Center.
 Jan. 26, 2010—Proper Vaccine Refrigeration Vital to Putting Disease on Ice, Engineered Metamaterials Enable Remarkably Small Antennas, Marine Lab Hunts Subtle Clues to Environmental Threats to Blue Crabs, Stacking the Deck: Single Photons Observed at Seemingly Faster-than-Light Speeds, Manufacturing Competition Challenges University Teams to Stack a Better Pallet, NIST Releases Final Report on Cowboys Facility Collapse, NIST Issues First Release of Framework for Smart Grid Interoperability, Baldrige Conference Provides Path for Those on ‘Quest for Excellence’, and BLOGRIGE: Baldrige Program Blog Now Seeking Contributors!
 Jan. 12, 2010— NIST Scientists Quantify Nanoparticle-Protein Interactions, What Were They Drinking? Researchers Investigate Radioactive Crock Pots, Theorists Close In on Improved Atomic Property Predictions, $123 Million in Grants Will Fund New Research Facilities, NIST Awards Over $34 Million for Research in Measurement Science, Agilent CTO Joins NIST Advisory Group, Sriram, Williams Honored as AAAS Fellows, Six NIST Researchers Selected as IEEE Fellows, and NIST Quantum Computing Research Among Top Stories of 2009.
 Dec. 15, 2009—NIST Technology Program Announces 20 Research Project Awards, Among Apes, Teeth Are Made for the Toughest Times, Everlasting Quantum Wave: NIST Physicists Predict New Form of Soliton in Ultracold Gases, Demonstration Network Planned for Public Safety 700 MHz Broadband, New Automated Technique with Online Verification Eases Network Analyzer Calibration, NIST Seeks Comments on Cryptography Standards Publication, NIST Updates Automated Computer Security Validation Guidelines, NIST Team Demystifies Utility of Power Factor Correction Devices, Handheld Touch Screen Device May Lead to Mobile Fingerprint ID, Five Organizations Honored with 2009 Baldrige National Quality Award, JQI Researchers Create ‘Synthetic Magnetic Fields’ for Neutral Atoms, Web Site Highlights 50 Years of NIST Contributions to Laser Science, Deadline Extended for Entering NIST Microrobotics Challenge, and Text Retrieval Expert Named Distinguished Scientist by Computing Group.
 Dec. 1, 2009—Nervy Research: Researchers Take Initial Look at Ion Channels in a Model System, NIST Researchers Put a New Spin on Atomic Musical Chairs, Combining Nanotubes and Antibodies for Breast Cancer ‘Search and Destroy’ Missions, NIST Develops Experimental Validation Tool for Cell Phone Forensics, Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Launched; Governing Board Elected, NIST on Facebook and Twitter, and NIST Staff Recognized in Annual Commerce Department Awards.
 Nov. 17, 2009—Senate Confirms Gallagher as 14th NIST Director, ‘No Muss, No Fuss’ Miniaturized Analysis for Complex Samples Developed, JQI Researchers Create Entangled Photons from Quantum Dots, Small Nanoparticles Bring Big Improvement to Medical Imaging, Novel NIST Connector Uses Magnets for Leak-Free Microfluidic Devices, NIST Demonstrates ‘Universal’ Programmable Quantum Processor, Publication Offers Constructive Advice for Construction Industry Efficiency, Technology Innovation Program Seeks Comments on Potential Future Funding Areas, Baldrige Program Calls for Applicants for 2010 Examiners, Computer Researcher Named Distinguished Fellow of Information Security Group, Time Magazine Names JQI Work Among Year’s Best Inventions, and Wavering Named Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
 Nov. 3, 2009—Capturing Those In-Between Moments: NIST Solves Timing Problem in Molecular Modeling, NIST Quantifies Low Levels of ‘Heart Attack Risk’ Protein, Scientists Build First ‘Frequency Comb’ to Display Visible ‘Teeth’, NIST Test Proves ‘The Eyes Have It’ for ID Verification, and NIST, CU to Build Instrument to Help Search for Earth-like Planets
 Oct. 20, 2009—Scientists Create NICE Solution to Pneumonia Vaccine Testing Problems, Synthetic Cells Shed Biological Insights While Delivering Battery Power, The White Stuff: Marine Lab Team Seeks to Understand Coral Bleaching, Biochemical ‘On-Switch’ Could Solve Protein Purification Challenge, NIST Physicists Turn to Radio Dial for Finer Atomic Matchmaking, Blueprint for Industry Change Aims to Improve Construction Productivity, Is Your Microrobot Up for the (NIST) Challenge? NIST Receives Highest Honor from Automotive Industry Action Group, NIST Signs U.S.-China Cooperative Agreement on Earthquake and Volcano Sciences, New Smart Grid Documents Include Call for Governing Board Nominations, and NIST Physicist David Wineland to Share 2010 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics
 Oct. 6, 2009—NIST Releases Draft Report on Cowboys Facility Collapse, Large-Scale Cousin of Elusive ‘Magnetic Monopoles’ Found at NIST, For Safer Emergencies, Give Your Power Generator Some Space, New Computer Security Guide Can Help Safeguard Your Small Business, New NIST Database on Gas Hydrates to Aid Energy and Climate Research, New Publication Offers Security Tips for WiMAX Networks, New NIST Method Reveals All You Need to Know About ‘Waveforms’, Convoy Returns World Trade Center Steel to New York City, Standards Development Plan for ‘Smart Grid’ Announced, November Workshop to Examine Challenges to Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing, Webinars on Planning for Smart Grid Panel Announced, and Scripps Director Joins NIST Advisory Group
 Sept. 22, 2009—New Nanochemistry Technique Encases Single Molecules in Microdroplets, Therapeutic Nanoparticles Give New Meaning to Sugar-Coating Medicine, New NIST Nano-Ruler Sets Some Very Small Marks, Diamonds May Be the Ultimate MRI Probe, Say Quantum Physicists, October IT Security Automation Conference to Highlight Healthcare IT, Cloud Computing, New Beryllium Reference Material for Occupational Safety Monitoring, Fifteen to Receive Site Visits as Next Step Toward 2009 Baldrige Award, Gallagher Nominated to be 14th NIST Director, Updated NIST ‘Master Plan’ Sent to Capital Planning Commission, Workshop Aims to Establish Standards for Voting Machine Data, NIST Updates Popular Guide to Radio-Controlled Clocks, Two Named to Earthquake Advisory Board, and NIST to Receive 2008 Federal Library of the Year Award.
 Sept. 8, 2009—Prototype NIST Method Detects and Measures Elusive Hazards, High in Sodium: Highly Charged Tungsten Ions May Diagnose Fusion Energy Reactors, NIST Calculations May Improve Temperature Measures for Microfluidics, New NIST Trace Explosives Standard Slated for Homeland Security Duty, NIST Issues New Call for White Papers on Critical National Needs, New NIST Publications Describe Standards for Identity Credentials and Authentication Systems, and Seventeen Years of Baldrige Scoring Data Now Available
 August 25, 2009—Safer, Denser Acetylene Storage in an Organic Framework, Up-Scale: Frequency Converter Enables Ultra-High Sensitivity Infrared Spectrometry, Penetrating Insights: NIST Airframe Tests Help Ensure Better Shielding for Flight Instruments, Newly Improved NIST Reference Material Targets Infant Formula Analysis, Who Are You? Mobile ID Devices Find Out Using NIST Guidelines, Hankering for Molecular Electronics? Grab the New NIST Sandwich, With Three New Reference Materials, NIST Gets the Dirt on Soil, Biometrics Conference Meets Sept. 22–24 in Florida, and Bio-Imaging Technology Transfer and Commercialization Showcase.
 August 11 , 2009—Ytterbium Gains Ground in Quest for Next-Generation Atomic Clocks, Novel Temperature Calibration Improves NIST Microhotplate Technology, Multi-Laboratory Study Sizes Up Nanoparticle Sizing, NIST Demonstrates Sustained Quantum Computation Processing, NIST Releases Final Version of New Cybersecurity Recommendations for Government, First Report from New Nuclear Energy Standards Group Released.
 July 28, 2009—'Microfluidic Palette' May Paint Clearer Picture of Biological Processes, NIST Scientists Study How to Stack the Deck for Organic Solar Power, Shake, Rattle, No Roll: Construction Guide for Earthquake-Resistant Buildings, September PerMIS Workshop Takes Measure of Intelligent System Performance, NIST Awards $55.5 Million for New University Research Facilities, Recent NIST Smart Grid Testimony, Brochure Available on New NIST Boulder Laboratory, New NIST Video Highlights Postdoctoral Fellowships in Materials Science, Product Incorporating NIST Expert System Wins R&D 100 Award, NIST Physicist Cited as 'Federal Player of the Week'.
 July 14, 2009—NIST Releases Vitamin D Standard Reference Material, NCNR Reactor Relicensed by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, New Report on Improving Software Tools that Improve Software, 2009 Baldrige Improvement Day Goes Virtual, Seeks Participants, Physicists Find Way to Control Individual Bits in Quantum Computers, NYPD Report on Protecting Buildings Adopts NIST WTC Recommendations, Three NIST Researchers Win 2008 PECASE Honors, and New Baldrige Brochure Helps Steer Organizations Toward Excellence.
 June 30, 2009—Genetically Engineered Mice Yield Clues to ‘Knocking Out’ Cancer, NIST Develops Novel Ion Trap for Sensing Force and Light, Unexpectedly Long-Range Effects in Advanced Magnetic Devices, NIST Summer School Passes the Neutron Science Torch, NIST Issues Human Milk and Blood Serum SRMs for Contaminant Measurements, NIST Extends Deadline for 2009 Technology Innovation Program Competition, NIST Seeks Comments on Smart Grid Report, Baldrige Recipients to Share Strategies at Upcoming Regional Conferences, Workshop to Aim for Security, Accessibility in Future Voting Systems, NIST YouTube Channel Features Ultraprecise Measurement with Lasers, NIST Physicist, Chemist Receive Federal Public Service Award
 June 16, 2009—Nonstick and Laser-safe Gold Aids Laser Trapping of Biomolecules, NIST Researchers ‘All Aglow’ Over New Test of Toxin Strength, NIST Study Offers First Detailed Look at the Progress of a Wildland-Urban Fire, Shape Matters in the Case of Cobalt Nanoparticles, NIST Finds ‘A Touch of Glass’ in Metal, Settles Century-Old Question, Nanosoccer Robots Ready to Compete in Upcoming RoboCup Games, NIST Discovers How Strain at Grain Boundaries Suppresses High-Temperature Superconductivity, NIST Seeks Proposals for $20 Million Program to Create Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowships, NIST, DOD, Intelligence Agencies Join Forces to Secure U.S. Cyber Infrastructure, NIST Issues Latest Guidelines for Teleworking Security, and NIST Advisory Committee Issues 2008 Annual Report.
 June 2, 2009—Memory with a Twist: NIST Develops a Flexible Memristor, NIST Seeks Proposals for $35 Million in Grants for Measurement Science, NIST Delivers Updated Draft Standards for Electronic Voting Machines, NIST’s LIDAR May Offer Peerless Precision in Remote Measurements, NIST Processes to Help Build Next-Generation Nuclear Power Plants, Seventy Apply for 2009 Baldrige Award, NIST Announces $120 Million Available for Research Construction Grants, and NIST Hosts Two International Materials Research Meetings in June
 May 20, 2009—Locke, Chu Announce Significant Steps in Smart Grid Development, Congress Approves NIST's Recovery Plan, Graphene Yields Secrets to Its Extraordinary Properties, NIST Engineers Discover Fundamental Flaw in Transistor Theory, NIST Study Finds a Decade of High-Payoff, High-Throughput Research, NIST Defining the Expanding World of Cloud Computing, NIST Helping Improve Speed Measurements for Cars, Bullets, NIST Validation Program Tests Next-Generation Internet Products, First Labs Approved for Testing Communications Interoperability
 May 5, 2009—NIST Super-Sensors to Measure ‘Signature’ of Inflationary Universe, New Study: Home Energy Savings Are Made in the Shade, High-Rise Fire Study Provides Insight Into Deadly Wind-Driven Fires, Vise Squad: Putting the Squeeze on a Crystal Leads to Novel Electronics, New Nanotube Coating Enables Novel Laser Power Meter, Terahertz Waves Are Effective Probes for IC Heat Barriers, NIST Issues First Reference Material for Tissue Engineering, NIST Issues Draft Guide for Automating Computer Security Verification, NIST Physicist James Bergquist Elected to National Academy of Sciences, NIST Researcher Dan Madrzykowski Named Fire Service Instructor of the Year, and NIST Physicists Win European and Optics Society Awards
 April 21, 2009—Scientists Give a Hand(edness) to the Search for Alien Life, Discovery of an Unexpected Boost for Solar Water-Splitting Cells, Researchers Give High Marks to New Technology for Fingerprint Identification, New NIST Guidelines for Organization-Wide Password Management, NIST Metrology Day Celebrates Measurements in the Market, Measurement of ‘Forbidden’ Collisions Could Improve Atomic Clock Accuracy, NIST Announces Three-Phase Plan for Smart Grid Standards, Conference Offers Insight Into Exploration of Nano-sized Electronics, Sandia Lab Executive Joins NIST Advisory Group, and Two NIST Computer Security Professionals Named to 2009 Federal 100 List.
 April 7, 2009—X Marks the Spot: Ions Coldly Go Through NIST Trap Junction, Quantum Computers Will Require Complex Software to Manage Errors, Nano Changes Rise to Macro Importance in a Key Electronics Material, NIST Awards Contract for Work on Smart Grid Interim Standards, World’s First Nanofluidic Device with Complex 3-D Surfaces Built, NIST Issues Open and Transparent Methods for Testing Electronic Voting Systems, TIP Competition Addresses Civil Infrastructure, Advanced Materials, and NIST Launches YouTube Channel.
 March 24, 2009—NIST’s Fiscal Year Budget to Increase 8.3 Percent to $819 M, Making a Point: Picoscale Stability in a Room-Temperature AFM, NIST Research Collaboration Spies Galfenol’s Inner Beauty Mark, Flatland Physics Probes Mysteries of Superfluidity, NIST Stairwell Evacuation Study Finds ‘What We Know We Don’t Know’, New Program Evaluates Labs for Emergency Communications Tests, Magnetism Governs Properties of Iron-Based Superconductors, Conference on Safeguarding Health Information, May 18-19
 March 10, 2009—NIST to Receive $610 Million Through Recovery Act, New Reference Material Supports Improved Quality Control for Polymers Industry, Safer Net Surfing Is Goal of NIST Domain Name Security Experts, Comments Sought on NIST Guidelines for Structural Fire Resistance, NIST Time and Frequency Metrology Seminar to be held June 2-5, April Workshop Takes Aim at Obstacles to Nanotech Energy Technologies
 February 24, 2009—Random Antenna Arrays Boost Emergency Communications, Probing and Controlling ‘Molecular Rattling’ May Mean Better Preservatives, Cross-Dressing Rubidium May Reveal Clues for Exotic Computing, Nanotechnologists Gain Powerful New Materials Probe, Updated Recommendations for Protecting Wireless, Remote Access Data, NIST and French Lab to Study Weathering of Advanced Composites for Bridges and Piers, Researchers Demonstrate Novel ‘Quantum Data Buffering’ Scheme, NanoFab Adds New Capabilities, ComSci Fellowship Program Accepting Applications for 2009-2010, New Report Summarizes Federal Tech Transfer Activities, Colorado Governor Ritter Honors NIST Internet Time Service
 February 10, 2009—Toothsome Research: Deducing the Diet of a Prehistoric Hominid, New Reference Material Can Improve Testing of Multivitamin Tablets, Long-Sought Protein Structure May Help Reveal How ‘Gene Switch’ Works, Live Fire Experiments Examine Impact of Changes in Firefighting Resources, First Major Update to SP 800-53 Is Available for Public Comment, Conference to Focus on Anti-Counterfeiting, Consumer Protection
 January 27, 2009—For Refrigeration Problems, a Magnetically Attractive Solution, Viscosity-Enhancing Nanomaterials May Double Service Life of Concrete, New Reference Material for Hexavalent Chromium in Contaminated Soil, NIST Physicist Deborah Jin to Receive Sigma Xi's Top Honor
 January 13, 2009—New NIST Method Accelerates Stability Testing of Soy-Based Biofuel, New Tool Gives Researchers a Glimpse of Biomolecules in Motion, ‘Two-Faced’ Bioacids Put a New Face on Carbon Nanotube Self-Assembly, Super Sensitive Gas Detector Goes Down the Nanotubes, Insights into Polymer Film Instability Could Aid Hi-Tech Industries, Simply Weird Stuff: Making Supersolids with Ultracold Gas Atoms, Technology Innovation Program to Fund New Infrastructure Research, Sorting Diamonds from Toothbrushes: New Guide to Protecting Personal Information, Seeking Excellence? Baldrige Conference Fulfills Your ‘Quest’, Bertocci, Kirchhoff Honored as AAAS Fellows
 December 23, 2008—NIST Report Identifies Security Threats, Possible Controls for Overseas Voting, Electromagnetic Phantom Exorcises Specters of Metal Detector Tests, Cracking a Tough Nut for the Semiconductor Industry, NIST Guides Genetic Genealogy Labs Toward Improved Accuracy, Wherefore a Leap Second?, ‘New and Improved’ Baldrige Criteria Now Available, NIST Seeks White Papers on Critical National Needs, NIST Posts 51 Entries for New Hash Algorithm Competition, JILA Story Makes Physics ‘Top Ten’ List, Two NIST Physicists Win 2007 PECASE Honors
 December 9, 2008—Dressed to Kill: From Virus to Vaccine, Sevenfold Accuracy Improvement for 3-D ‘Virtual Reality’ Labs, Carbon Nanofibers Cut Flammability of Upholstered Furniture, Belgium to Host First Conference for New Hash Algorithm Competition, Nine NIST Staff Become New APS Fellows
 November 25, 2008—Three Organizations Selected for 2008 Baldrige National Quality Award, NIST Awards $24 Million in Grants for New University Research Facilities, Rescue Robot Exercise Brings Together Robots, Developers, First Responders, NIST ‘Stress Tests’ Probe Nanoscale Strains in Materials, Saying ‘Cheese’ for More Effective Border Security, Bright Idea Illuminates LED Standards, Neutron Researchers Discover Widely Sought Property in Magnetic Semiconductor, NIST Releases Final WTC 7 Investigation Report, NIST Leads Revision of International Coordinate Measuring Machine Standard, Final Strategic Plan for Earthquake Hazard Studies Published, NIST Physicist Wins OSA’s First Walther Award
 November 12, 2008—Cold Atoms Could Replace Hot Gallium in Focused Ion Beams, ‘Femtomolar Optical Tweezers’ May Enable Sensitive Blood Tests, Nanoparticles in the Home: More and Smaller Than Previously Detected, Improved Measurements Could Mean Safer, More Reliable Electroshock Weapons, Iron-based Materials May Unlock Superconductivity’s Secrets, Let the Games Begin! Nanosoccer at 2009 RoboCup in Austria, NIST, NCI Bring Web 2.0 Tools to Nanotechnology Standards Effort, NIST Receives 64 Submissions for New ‘Hash’ Algorithm, NIST, Columbia Honored for 1931 Discovery of Heavy Hydrogen, NIST Researcher Receives Kudos for Images of Labs on a Chip, Two NIST Researchers’ Papers Recognized in Ceramics ‘Best Of’ Collection
 October 28, 2008 —Sniffing Out a Better Chemical Sensor, Nanoscale Dimensioning Is Fast, Cheap with New NIST Optical Technique, Fire Videos Dramatize Christmas Tree Safety Measures, Green Buildings: A ‘Net-Zero’ Energy Research Agenda, Expert Reviewers Wanted for 2009 Baldrige Award Process, NIST Physicist Honored in 2008 Presidential Rank Awards, Three Recognized by ANSI for Standards Development Activities,
 October 14, 2008—First Tunable, ‘Noiseless’ Amplifier May Boost Quantum Computing, Communications, Paperwork: Buckypapers Clarify Electrical, Optical Behavior of Nanotubes, Gold Nanostars Outshine the Competition, Updated Specification Issued for PIV Card Implementations, New Report on NIST Tests of Wireless Environment in Auto Factories, Gebbie Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
 October 1, 2008—New Building Code Revisions Adopt NIST Recommendations from WTC Study, Models of Eel Cells Suggest Electrifying Possibilities, Moths with a Nose for Learning, NIST/CSM Sensor Could Help Avert Pipeline Failures, Baked Slug: New Method to Test Fireproofing Material, JILA Scientists Create First Dense Gas of Ultracold ‘Polar’ Molecules, Updated Standards Site Offers New Support for Exports to Asia
 September 16, 2008—NIST Research Leads to Revisions in California Building Code, Thirteen to Receive Baldrige Site Visits, NIST and Partners Identify Tiny Gold Clusters as Top-Notch Catalysts, NIST Seeks Suggestions for Future R&D Funding Areas, Upgraded Vulnerability Database Enables Advances in Security Automation, New Profile Lays Out Roadmap, Standards for Government Use of IPv6, NSF Physics Frontier Center Created at Joint Quantum Institute, NIST Physicists are Finalists for Service to America Medals
 September 3, 2008—Bottoms Up: Better Organic Semiconductors for Printable Electronics, NIST Studies How New Helium Ion Microscope Measures Up, NIST Releases WTC 7 Investigation Report for Public Comment, New NIST Publication Series Addresses Design of Earthquake-Resistant Structures, NIST Physicist Wineland Awarded 2007 National Medal of Science, NIST To Host 4th Security Automation Conference and Workshop, Biometric Consortium Conference 2008 Will Be Held Sept. 23-25, Coming Soon! Baldrige Recipients Share Successes
 August 19, 2008—Light Touch: Controlling the Behavior of Quantum Dots, Candy-Coating Keeps Proteins Sweet, NIST Requests Comments on Next Generation C/A Process for Information Systems, Stop the Waste: Making Measurements Measure Up to Standards, Oxygen Data is a Best Seller for Atmospheric Research
 August 6, 2008— New Technique Reveals Hidden Properties of Ultracold Atomic Gases, Improved Reaction Data Heat Up the Biofuels Harvest, Skipping Atomic-scale Stones to Study Some Chemistry Basics, NIST Debuts New Approach to Ad Hoc Networks for First Responders, Vegas ‘Quantum Spookshow’ Demos On-the-Fly Encryption of Streaming Video, NIST, UMBI Host October Conference to Spur Bioscience Innovation, NIST Advisory Group Welcomes Berkeley Professor, Updated Information Security Performance Measurement Guide Published, Three Experts Named to Earthquake Advisory Board
 July 22, 2008—Cool! Nanoparticle Research Points to Energy Savings, NIST Membrane Model May Unlock Secrets of Early-Stage Alzheimer’s, Slippery Customer: A Greener Antiwear Additive for Engine Oils, NIST Trumps the Clumps: Making Biologic Drugs Safer, How Secure Is Your Network? NIST Model Knows, DVD Showcases 2007 Baldrige Award Recipients, NIST Seeks New Members for Eight Advisory Committees
 July 9, 2008—R&D Proposals Sought for New Sensing Technologies to Monitor Infrastructure; Toothpick: New Molecular Tag IDs Bone and Tooth Minerals; NIST Assists in Solar Stake-Out to Improve Space Weather Forecasts; R&D 100 Award for New NIST/UMD Neutron Detector; Wake-Up Call: Draft Security Pub Looks at Cell Phones, PDAs; Software Helps Developers Get Started with PIV Cards; New NIST Pub Can Help IT Managers Assess Security Controls
 June 24, 2008—New Process Creates 3-D Nanostructures with Magnetic Materials, Exposing the Sensitivity of Extreme Ultraviolet Photoresists, ‘Electron Trapping’ May Impact Future Microelectronics Measurements, Oxygen Ions for Fuel Cells Get Loose at Low(er) Temperatures, Standards Set for Energy-Conserving LED Lighting, NIST Releases Preview of Much-Anticipated Online Mathematics Reference, Micromagnets Show Promise as Colorful ‘Smart Tags’ for MRI, Physicists Produce Quantum-Entangled Images, High Rise Fire Fighting—Effective Use of Positive Pressure Ventilation, 2008-2009 Commerce Science and Technology Fellows Announced
 June 10, 2008— NIST Chemists Get Scoop on Crude ‘Oil’ from Pig Manure, Microwave Synthesis Connects With the (Quantum) Dots, ‘Nanoglassblowing’ Seen as Boon to Study of Individual Molecules, Tests Check Out Rescue Robots' Life-Saving Vision, NIST’s Novel ‘Noise Thermometry’ May Help Redefine International Unit of Temperature, Research Measures Movement of Nanomaterials in Simple Model Food Chain, Eighty-Five Take First Step Toward 2008 Baldrige Award, NIST Advisory Group Welcomes Three New Members, Everything You Want To Know About SI (But Were Afraid to Ask)
 May 28, 2008—New Iron-based Superconductors Reinforce Link to Magnetism, A Molecular 'Salve' to Sooth Surface Stresses, Two for One: NIST Design Enables More Cost Effective Quantum Key Distribution, Word/Logic Bank to Help Build 'Thinking' Machines, Learn About 'NIST and Nanosoccer' from New Web Site and Video, Grant Proposals Sought for Construction of Science Research Buildings, Text Retrieval Trials Focus on searching Blogs and Legal Documents, NIST Staff Honored for Technology Transfer
 May 13, 2008—Emergency Links: NIST Identifies ‘Sweet Spot’ for Radios in Tunnels, Spin Control: New Technique Sorts Nanotubes by Length, Improved Ion Mobility Is Key to New Hydrogen Storage Compound, Record-setting Laser May Aid Searches for Earthlike Planets, Disorder Enables Extreme Sensitivity in Piezoelectric Materials, Public Invited to See Nanosoccer Robots in Action in Pittsburgh, Bitter Orange SRMs: Tools for Product Analysis/Quality, NIST Tool Helps Internet Master Top-level Domains, NIST Offers U.S. Interpretations of Recent SI (Metric) Changes
 April 29, 2008—New 3-D Test Method for Biomaterials 'Flat Out' Faster, Making a Good Impression: Nanoimprint Lithography Tests at NIST, High-Flying Electrons May Provide New Test of Quantum Theory, NIST World Metrology Day Forum Focuses on Anti-Doping Advances, NIST Signs Cooperative Agreement with U-Albany Nano College, Two New Honors for NIST Physicists, Award Recognizes Work of NIST Information Services Group
 April 15, 2008—NIST Micro Sensor and Micro Fridge Make Cool Pair, 'Nanodrop' Test Tubes Created with a Flip of a Switch, Prototype Terahertz Imager Promises Biochem Advances, NIST, Army Researchers Pave the Way for Anthrax Spore Standards, Carbon Nanotube Measurements: Latest in NIST 'How-To' Series, Comments Requested on Draft Earthquake Hazards Plan, Comments Requested on Risk Management Publication, Technology Grants Program to Offer Webcast Series, Metal Detectives: New Book Details Titanic Investigation
 April 1, 2008—Bon MOT: Innovative Atom Trap Catches Highly Magnetic Atoms, More Solid than Solid: A Potential Hydrogen-Storage Compound, NIST Shows On-card Fingerprint Match Is Secure, Speedy, Software Tackles Production Line Machine ‘Cyclic Jitters’, New NIST Publication Recommends Best Fits Between Federal ‘Locks’ and ‘Keys’, Michael D. Schroeder to Receive NIST/NSA Security Award, New Report Outlines Research Roadmap for Biomanufacturing, NIST Third Interoperability Week April 28-May 2
 March 18, 2008—NIST Finds ‘Metafilms’ Can Shrink Radio, Radar Devices, NIST Evaluates Firefighting Tactics In NYC High-Rise Test, NIST Team Proves Bridge from Conventional to Molecular Electronics Possible, Loopy Photons Clarify ’Spookiness‘ of Quantum Physics, NIST ‘Quantum Logic Clock’ Rivals Mercury Ion as World’s Most Accurate Clock, Joint Research: Probing the Mysteries of a Surprisingly Tough Hydrogel, Nanomaterials Show Unexpected Strength Under Stress, Stunt Doubles: Ultracold Atoms Could Replicate the Electron ‘Jitterbug’, Copolymers Block Out New Approaches to Microelectronics at NIST, New NIST Detector Can ‘See’ Single Neutrons Over Broad Range, All Done With Mirrors: NIST Microscope Tracks Nanoparticles in 3-D, NIST Seeks Public Comment on New Technology Innovation Program Regulations, NIST Votes for U.S. Approval of the Modified Office Open XML Standard, NIST Acting Director Turner Testifies on FY 2009 Budget Request, NIST Advisory Committee Issues 2007 Annual Report, Report Identifies Three Key R&D Priorities for Future Manufacturing, Web Site Offers Easy Access to Life-Saving Fire Service Research, April Conferences Focus on Scanning Advances
 March 5, 2008—NIST to Study Hazards of Portable Gasoline-Powered Generators, Failure Investigations Report Highlights Efforts for Safer Buildings, NIST Requests Comments on Proposed Biometrics Lab Program, Good Vibrations Probe Innards of Molecular Electronic Junctions, Energy Upgrades Pay Off for Taxpayers and Feds, NIST Mini Sensor May ‘Change the Way We Live’, NIST/TRC Thermodynamic Tables Go Online, NIST Web Site Features Waldseemüller Map Video, April Tech Transfer Workshop Focuses on Nanotechnology Advances,
 Feb. 19, 2008—NIST, NCI, SAIC Partner on New Method for Detecting HER2 Breast Cancer, ‘NMR on a Chip’ Features NIST Magnetic Mini-Sensor, Optical ‘Frequency Comb’ Can Detect the Breath of Disease, Directed Self-Ordering of Organic Molecules for Electronic Devices, Turtle Studies Suggest Health Risks from Environmental Contaminants, Chemists Measure Copper Levels in Zinc Oxide Nanowires, NIST Building Safety Efforts Mark Fifth Anniversary of R.I. Nightclub Fire, New Strontium Atomic Clock at JILA is ‘Best in Class’, New NIST Video: Bill Phillips School Talk on the Science of Ultracold, New Chair, Vice Chair Elected to NIST Policy Advisory Group, NIST Releases Three-Year Plan, Two NIST Researchers named to ‘Federal 100’
 Feb. 5, 2008—President’s Budget Requests 22 Percent Boost for NIST Core Programs, Shear Ingenuity: Tweaking the Conductivity of Nanotube Composites, ‘Nitty-Gritty’ but Vital Data Helps Field Rescue Robots, International Biofuels Effort Seeks Fewer Barriers, More Trade, New Web Site Lists Validated Software Security Tools for Federal IT, Workshop Offers U.S. Industry Access to International R&D Collaborations, Revised NIST IPv6 Profile Released for Comment
 Jan. 23, 2008—JILA Solves Problem of Quantum Dot ‘Blinking’, NIST Helps Heat Pumps ‘Go With the Flow’ to Boost Output, Videos Extract Mechanical Properties of Liquid-Gel Interfaces, NIST Building Facility for Hydrogen Pipeline Testing, Concrete Flow Researchers to Use Argonne Supercomputer, NIST Radio Station WWVH Gets Antenna Makeover, March Conference Explores Building Trust on the Internet
 Jan. 8, 2008—Rough Times: NIST's New Approach to Surface Profiling, Radioactive 'Understudy' May Aid Medical Imaging, Drug Development , Measurement Innovations Add Up to Big Savings for Semiconductors, NIST, EC Agency Partner for Better Measurements and Standards, NIST Reference Materials Are 'Gold Standard' for Bio-Nanotech Research, NIST Develops Test Method for Key Micromechanical Property, New Video Answers the Question 'What is NIST?', January Workshop to Focus on Safeguarding Health Care Information, Workshop to Focus on Standards Education
 Dec. 12, 2007—NIST Encasement Now Protecting ‘America’s Birth Certificate’, NIST Imaging System Maps Nanomechanical Properties, New Paper Reveals Nanoscale Details of Photolithography Process, NIST Helps Beam Time to TV Viewers in the Middle East , ‘Combinatorial’ Approach Squashes Software Bugs Faster, Cheaper, New Accreditation Program for Body Armor Testing Laboratories
 Nov. 27, 2007— Presidential Award for Excellence Honors Five U.S. Organizations, NIST Announces First Observation of ‘Persistent Flow’ in a Gas, ‘High Q’ NIST Nanowires May be Practical Oscillators, NIST Measures Performance of Auto Crash Warning Systems, Job-Related Stress: NIST Demonstrates Fatigue Effects in Silicon
 Nov. 8, 2007—Bug-Zapper: A Dose of Radiation May Help Knock Out Malaria, Micro Microwave Does Pinpoint Cooking for Miniaturized Labs, New Scoring System Protects Credit Card Transactions, NIST Issues Call for a New ‘Hash’ Algorithm, Mini Magnetic Sensor May Have Biomedical, Security Applications, Wanted: Expert Reviewers for 2008 Baldrige Award, NIST Posts Online Database of Cryogenic Materials Properties, NIST Researchers Receive Early Career Presidential Awards
 October 25, 2007—NIST Demos Industrial-Grade Nanowire Device Fabrication, NIST Licenses Systems to Help the Blind ‘See’ Images, Elevators Seen as Playing Hi-Rise Fire Evacuation Role, New SRM Allows Accurate Accounting of Forensic DNA, Framework Document on Cybersecurity Open for Public Comment, NIST Staff Honored in 2007 Presidential Rank Awards, NIST Physicist Honored for Measuring Forces between Ultra-cool Atoms
 October 11, 2007—New Quantum Dot Transistor Counts Individual Photons, NIST Light Source Illuminates Fusion Power Diagnostics, How to Protect Your Web Server from Attacks, Home Sprinklers Score ‘A’ in NIST Cost-Benefit Study, Biopharmaceutical Infrastructure Key to Lower Drug Development Costs, NIST Official Testifies on Fire Research Program, Celebrating the Physics Nobel Prize Winners
 September 27, 2007—NIST Announces 56 New Awards for Innovative Technology R&D, NIST Debuts Superconducting Quantum Computing Cable, Measurements from the Edge: Magnetic Properties of Thin Films, ‘Dead Time’ Limits Quantum Cryptography Speeds, High-Speed Quantum Key System Wins Research Award, NIST Helps Plan Measurement Standards for the Hydrogen Economy, Experts to Review Life-Saving Homeland Security Standards, Fourteen Prepare for Baldrige Site Visits,
 September 13, 2007— JILA Finds Flaw in Model Describing DNA Elasticity, ‘Radio Wave Cooling’ Offers New Twist on Laser Cooling, NIST Firebrand Device Could Save U.S. and Japanese Homes, NIST Team Develops Novel Method for Nanostructured Polymer Thin Films, Probing a Rare Material Spin State at NIST, New Guide Available for Fractography of Ceramics and Glasses, “Guide to Secure Web Services” Provides Blueprint to Safer Web 2.0, Voting Standards Guidance Sent to Election Commission, NIST, SRC-NRI Partner to Advance Next-Generation Computer Technology, Tech Transfer Event to Showcase NIST Microfluidics Technologies
 August 30, 2007—Fire Tests Examine Structural Collapse Hazards and Warning Devices, NIST Measures Challenges for Wireless in Factories, Longer is Better for Nanotube Optical Properties, Upgraded Software Makes ID Verification Testing Easier, JILA Physicist is Finalist for Service to America Medal
 August 16, 2007— Nanoscale Blasting Adjusts Resistance in Magnetic Sensors, Ginkgo SRMs: Tools for Product Analysis/Quality, Layered Approach May Yield Stronger, More Successful Bone Implants, SRMs Track Fire Retardants in Humans and Environment, New NIST Calibration Service ‘Arms’ Phasors for More Reliable Power Grids, America COMPETES Act Brings Immediate Changes to NIST, NIST, UMBI to Expand Cooperation in Bioresearch, Commerce Department to Host National Summit on Competitiveness, Workshop Focuses on Digital Exchange of Biometric Info
 August 3, 2007—Nano-layer of Ruthenium Stabilizes Magnetic Sensors, Neutrons Reveal Quantum Order in Solid-State System, Thousands of Atoms Swap ‘Spins’ in Quantum Square Dance, Changing the Rings: A Key Finding for Magnetics Design, New Tools to Help Configure Secure Operating Systems, Improved NIST SRM Aids Lead Poisoning Detection, Comments Sought on New Security Publications
 July 20, 2007—Magnetic Tape Analysis "Sees" Tampering in Detail, Speed Bumps Less Important Than Potholes for Graphene, NIST Begins Technical Study of S.C. Warehouse Fire, Evaluations Aim to Advance Translation Technology, Tailoring Computer Security for Industrial Controls, New NIST Measurement Office Focuses on Innovation
 July 6, 2007—Electronic ‘Crowd Behavior’ Revealed in Semiconductors, Bend It Like NIST: Nanoscale Soccer Debuts at RoboCup, NIST Status Update on World Trade Center 7 Probe, Conference to Focus on Latest Biometrics Advances, August Meeting to Address Chemical Regulation Issues, Conference Seeks Strategy on Bio, IT Standards for Health Care
 June 21, 2007—NIST WTC Recommendations Spur New Model Building Codes, NIST Fire Experts Examine Charleston Building Collapse, Catching Waves: Measuring Self-Assembly in Action, Fans Clear High-Rise Stairwells of Smoke, NIST/Industry Quality Measurement Data Standard, Coming Soon! Baldrige Awardees Share Successes
 June 8, 2007—New Quantum Key System Combines Speed, Distance, Rescue Robot Tests To Offer Responders High-Tech Help, Silicon Nanowires Upgrade Data-Storage Technology, Computer Guide May Boost Security Testing Efficiency, Fluorescent Glass SRMs Are New Tool for Spectroscopy, Building Retrofits Reduce Chem/Bio Hazards Risks, 84 Apply for Nation’s Top Honor for Excellence, Calling All D.C. Area Post Docs!, Three NIST Researchers Receive Flemming Awards
 May 24, 2007—NIST Atom Interferometry Displays New Quantum Tricks, NIST Antenna Calibrations Extended to 60-110 GHz, New Fabrication Technique Yields Nanoscale UV LEDs, Fiftieth Anniversary of First Digital Image Marked, New NIST Reference Material for Peptide Analysis, Guide Finds Criminals Hiding in Internet Data, Small Business Asked for R&D SBIR Contracts Ideas, New Book Explores Intelligent Vehicle Systems, Foundation Marks 30 Years of U.S./Israeli Innovation, Honors for NIST Researchers Announced
 May 10, 2007—Magnetic Computer Sensors May Help Study Biomolecules, DNA Sieve: Nanoscale Pores Can Be Tiny Analysis Labs, Tiny Spectrometer Offers Precision Laser Calibration, Wetter Report: New Approach to Testing Surface Adhesion, ‘Tunable’ Network Features Coordinated Frequency Combs, NIST Building Software Offers Green Product Advice, New Accreditation Program for Radiation Detector Labs, NIST Nanotech User Facility Now Accepting Proposals, NIST-SEMATECH Workshop on Scatterometry Standards
 April 26, 2007—Placing Single Nanowires: NIST Makes the Connection, New Nanocomposites May Mean More Durable Tooth Fillings, NIST Measuring Device Aims to Up Hip Operation Success, NIST Issues Guidelines for Ensuring RFID Security, Nano Structures Can Pose Big Measurement Problems, DVD Showcases 2006 Baldrige Award Winners, Earthquake Hazards Meeting at NIST, May 10-11, NIST Official Honored as Standards Champion
 April 12, 2007 — Mass Weddings: NIST’s New Efficient 2-Photon Source, Quantum Dot Lasers: One Dot Makes All the Difference, NIST’s Stretching Exercises Shed New Light on Nanotubes, NIST Releases Major Update of Popular REFPROP Database, NIST Work Enhances Shop Floor Productivity, NIST/Industry Produce Improved Shock Tests, Tips Can Help Consumers Choose Flat-Panel Displays
 March 30, 2007 —Study: Cells Selectively Absorb Short Nanotubes, Titanium Dioxide: It Slices, It Dices …, Novel Experiments on Cement Yield Concrete Results, Traces of Nanobubbles Determine Nano-boiling, How Long Does It Take to Take 10 Fingerprints?, New Standard Protocol for Suspicious Powder Sampling, ‘Interoperability Week’ Conference April 23-25, Baldrige Recipients Share Quality Best Practices, National Technology Medal Call for Nominations
 March 16, 2007—James Turner Named as NIST Deputy Director, New JILA Apparatus Measures Fast Nanoscale Motions, New Reference Material for Diagnosing Kidney Disease, Construction Strategies to Avoid Progressive Collapse
 March 1, 2007— NIST 'Micro-Rack' Measures Cell Mechanical Properties, Conflicting Signals Can Confuse Rescue Robots, Computer-Designed Molecule to Clean Up Fluorocarbons?, Atom 'Noise' May Help Design Quantum Computers, Frozen Lightning: NIST's New Nanoelectronic Switch, ATP to Schedule Competition for New Technology R&D Awards, Helping Managers Get a Handle on IT Security, Atomic Clock Signals May Be Best Shared by Fiber-Optics, NIST Risk Mitigation Guide Gives Planners a Head Start, New Web Site Explores PSL's for 'Automated Reasoning', New Pubs Help Secure Email, WLAN, Prevent Intrusions, Failure Investigations Report Now Available Online, A Very Cold Evening with Nobelist Bill Phillip, NIST's Jim Bergquist Wins APS Herbert P. Broida Prize, Fifteen Named to Earthquake Hazards Advisory Committee
 February 15, 2007—President Requests $640.7 M for NIST FY 2008 Budget, High-Frequency Cryocooler Is Tiny, Cold and Efficient, Disorder May Be in Order for 'Spintronic' Devices, Clock Comparison Yields Clues to 'Constant' Change, NIST Report on U.S. Innovation Tags Measurement Challenges, Strain Has Major Effect on High-Temp Superconductors, Air Contaminants Databases Ease Healthy Homes Planning, JILA Measurements Recast Usual View of Elusive Force, New 2D Pics Brush Up Image of NIST 'Frequency Combs', New Members Appointed to NIST Advisory Group,
 February 2, 2007—Using Nano-Magnets to Enhance Medical Imaging, NIST Develops Rapid Method for Judging Nanotube Purity, Neutron Probe Yields Break in Superconductor Mystery, NIST Issues Draft IPv6 Technical Profile, Standardized House Dust Aids Health Researchers, NIST Wants Comments on Proposed 'Hash' Competition
 January 19, 2007—Algae Toxin Identification Unravels Fish-Kill Mystery, Improved Nanodots Could Be Key to Future Data Storage, New Miniaturized Device for Lab-on-a-Chip Separations, Countries Share Good Times Using GPS and the Internet, NIST 'Standard Bullet' Fights Gang Violence, Right Counter Height Can Improve Fingerprint Capture, New Quartz References for Workplace Safety, Minutely Organized Particulars ...
 December 21, 2006—NIST to Preserve 1507 Map: America’s ‘Birth Certificate’, NIST/University Team Records Rare Glimpses of Light from Neutrons, ‘Vortex Lattices’ May Help Explain Material Defects, NIST Laser-Based Method Cleans Up Grubby Nanotubes, Adenine ’Tails’ Make Tailored Anchors for DNA, NIST Revises Key IT Security Publication, 2007 Baldrige Criteria for Excellence Now Available, Tool Helps Write Rules for XML Communication, Participants Wanted for 2007 Text Retrieval Trials
 December 7, 2006—NIST Math Technique Opens Clearer Window on Universe, Unusually Stable Glasses May Benefit Drugs, Coatings, Mechanical Motion Used to ‘Spin’ Atoms in a Gas, Ethylene Suggested for Hydrogen Storage, New Targets May Hit Bull’s-Eye for Chip Makers
 November 22, 2006—NIST Test Fans the Flames for High-Rise Fire Safety, On the Cutting Edge: Carbon Nanotube Cutlery, Three Organizations to Receive 2006 Baldrige Award, Decimals Score a Point on International Standards, Enhanced Air Quality Modeling Software Available, December Workshop Focuses on Advancing Telemedicine, NIST Physicist Wins APS Keithley Award
 November 9, 2006—‘Tornadoes’ Are Transferred From Light to Sodium Atoms, Making Robotic Movement of Goods More ‘Pallet-able, Novel Audio Telescope Heeds Call of the Wild … Birds, New Measurement Guide Worth ‘Poring Over’,NIST Issues Info Security Primer for Managers, 2006 Machine Translation Evaluation Results Posted, Steven Bellovin to Receive NIST/NSA Security Award, NIST Staff Honored in 2006 Presidential Rank Awards, Wineland Named to 2006 ‘Scientific American 50’, NIST Physicist Receives APS I.I. Rabi Prize
 October 26, 2006—New Hybrid Microscope Probes Nano-Electronics, Finding the Right Mix: A Biomaterial Blend Library, Novel Atom Refining Boosts Entanglement of Atom Pairs, Turning a Nuclear Spotlight on Illegal Weapons Material, New Web-based System Leads to Better, More Timely Data, O’Brian Named Director of NIST Boulder Laboratories, Vulnerability Database Hits 20,000 Software-Flaw Mark
 October 12, 2006—Fossilized Liquid Assembly: Nanomaterials Research Tool, Molecular Spintronic Action Confirmed in Nanostructure, New Fertilizer SRM Can Help Control Heavy Metal Content, NIST Issues Four-Pack of Computer Security Pubs, NIST Releases New Standard for Semiconductor Industry
 September 28, 2006—Robot Wheelchair May Give Patients More Independence, Firefighter Radios May Fail During High-Temp Fires, Einstein’s Magnetic Effect Is Measured on Microscale, Emergency Tests Focus on Lab Radioactivity Analyses, Distance Records Set for Quantum 'Keys' Transmission, Model Homes Offer National IAQ Impact Results, N IST Physicist Awarded Service to America Medal, Comments Sought on New IT Security Guides, New Standards Portal Focuses on U.S.-China Trade, New NIST Research Featured in Show on Titanic Disaster, Fifteen Prepare for Baldrige Site Visits

September 14, 2006—Prozac Exposure Found to Disrupt Mussel Reproduction, New Reference Materials Support Industrial Zeolites,ERCC to Begin Test Rounds for Final RNA Reference Set,NIST, U. Md. and NSA Create Joint Quantum Institute, Small, Low-noise Oscillator May Help in Surveillance, Nanomanufacturing Meeting to Chart Research Needs, NIST Guide Details Forensic Practices for Data Analysis

 August 31, 2006—Nano-Signals Get a Boost from Magnetic Spin Waves, Gold Nanoparticles Prove to Be Hot Stuff, Workshops Address How to Avoid Progressive Collapse, How-To Guide for Removing Data from Storage Media, Meeting to Examine Industry Impact of Chemical Controls, October Summit to Focus on Healthcare Technology, New Fact Sheet Addresses Questions on WTC Report
 August 17, 2006—Structure of Key Enzyme in Plague Bacterium Found, ‘Atomic Switch’ Experiments Expand Nanoscale Toolkit, Advanced Imaging Facility Watches Fuel Cells at Work, New Web Database Improves Access to Ionic Liquid Data, Putting Search and Rescue Robots Through Their Paces, Draft Guidance on Improving Security of Home Computers
 August 3, 2006—New X-Ray Microbeam Answers 20-Year-Old Metals Question, Links Between DNA Damage and Breast Cancer Studied, NIST Makes Changes to Key Security Publication, Workshop Addresses Imaging Technology in Therapeutics, Two NIST Researchers Earn Presidential Honors, ANSI Exec Will Help Iraq with Standards
 July 20, 2006—‘Micro-boxes’ of Water Used to Study Single Molecules, Mercury Atomic Clock Sets Time-Keeping Record, Novel Nano-Etched Cavity Makes LEDs 7 Times Brighter, Add Nanotubes and Stir—With the Right Force, Road to AC Voltage Standard Leads to Important Junction,NIST Can Help You ‘MBARK’ onto Better Biometric Systems, NIST Director Testifies on Voting Machine Standards
 July 6, 2006—New Ion Trap May Lead to Large Quantum Computers, NIST RoboCrane® Cuts Aircraft Maintenance Costs, Stress Management: X-Rays Reveal Si Thin-Film Defects, Magnetic Ties May Explain High-Temp Superconductors, Rust Never Sleeps: New SRM Aids Coated Steel Industry, NIST, UM Program To Support Nanotech Development
 June 22, 2006—Rooftop PV Data for Better Energy Prediction Models, Soft Materials Buckle Up for Measurement, Improved Rating for Residential Fuel Cells, Noise Measurement May Boost Cell Phone Performance, U.S., Singapore Act to Simplify Telecom Trade, Draft Guide Will Help Make WLANs More Secure, Seventy-Six Apply for Nation’s Top Honor for Excellence, NIST’s FISMA Team Receives AFFIRM Leadership Award
 June 8, 2006—NIST Bullet Tests Make Frangibles More Tangible, NIST Software Makes Fire Gear Choice Easier, Designer Gradients Speed Surface Science Experiments, Circuit Board Materials May Like It Hot (or Not), Three NIST Scientists Receive Flemming Awards, Alliance Donates Health IT Standards Directory to NIST
 May 25, 2006—Gulf Coast MEP Centers to Help Manufacturers Recover, Still More Accurate After All These Years, Growing Glowing Nanowires to Light Up the Nanoworld, Neuronal Cell Cultures Kept on the Straight and Narrow, July 'Summit' Aims for U.S. Success in Global Standards, NIST Nobelists Testify on Science Policy, Registration Open for Biometrics Conference, Sample Baldrige Application Available for Non-profits, Mass Spectrometry Methods Database Gets Major Update
 May 12, 2006—Wearable Sensors to Improve Soldier Post-Action Reports, Precision Biochemistry Tracks DNA Damage in Fish, NIST and NCI to Collaborate on Proteomics Assessment, Low-Cost Microfluidics Can Be a Sticky Problem, Furlani Named Director of NIST’s IT Lab, 2005 Baldrige Award Winners Applications Available
 April 28, 2006—Laser Trapping of Erbium May Lead to Novel Devices, Six Organizations Receive Baldrige Quality Awards, NIST Gears Up to Evaluate Short Range 3-D Imaging, Measurements May Help Show If Constants Are Changing, Shared Theories on Thought Could Lead to Smart Machines
 April 13, 2006—Bioactive Cement Scaffold May Improve Bone Grafts, World Trade Center Study Spurs Improvement of Codes, Microfluidic Device Tests Fluid Compatibility, Materials Declaration Forms Help Meet European Rules, Beyond the Kilogram: Redefining More SI Units
 March 30, 2006—Quantum Dot Method Rapidly Identifies Bacteria, RFID Tags to Assist in Tracking First Responders, NIST/ORNL Dedicate New Nuclear Medicine Lab, Quality Standards Issued For Testing Herbal Products, Measuring Electrical Arcs At the Micrometer Scale, Bytes by the Quintillion For Today and Tomorrow, “March Madness” Effects Observed in Ultracold Gases, NIST Proposes Updating Digital Signature Standard, Rescue Robots Test Skills At "Disaster City" Event, IT Meeting to Help Agencies With Security Assessments, Chenok Set To Chair IT Security Advisory Board, Collins Named to Head NIST Technology Services
 March 16, 2006—Using ‘Minutiae’ to Match Fingerprints Can Be Accurate, Optical ‘Comb’ Allows Powerful Chemical Analysis, Record-breaking Detector May Aid Nuclear Inspections, Algorithm Advance Produces Quantum Calculation Record, Second Mandatory Security Standard Now Available, New 'Liquid Lens' Data for Immersion Lithography, Changes Approved to Federal ID Standard, Concrete Flow Researchers to Use NASA Supercomputer, NIST Seeks Reference Nucleic Acid Sequences, Federal Earthquake Program Seeks Public Comments
 March 6, 2006—Experimental Atomic Clock Uses Ytterbium ‘Pancakes’ ,CPSC Cites NIST Research in Mattress Safety Advance, Interoperability Standards Events Set for March 13-17, Crystal Structure Library Gets a 'Data Lift', Jeffrey Details NIST’s Role in Advancing Health IT, New Judges Appointed to Baldrige Award Panel
 Feb. 16, 2006—NIST SRM Aids Efforts to Reduce Cigarette Fire Risk, NIST Budget Request Spotlights Innovation, Method May Help Optimize Light-emitting Semiconductors, Telecom Meeting to Focus on Emerging Networks, Site Tracks Implementation of Trade Center Suggestions, Helping Small Manufacturers Do Business with Government, Boettinger Elected to Engineering Academy, Kilmer Named Director of NIST’s MEP Program, Kayser Is New Head of NIST Materials Lab
 Feb. 2, 2006—Stable Polymer Nanotubes May Have a Biotech Future, NIST Issues Final Federal Biometric Specs, Fire Panel Changes Offer Real-Time Fire Status Data, New Design for Transistors Powered by Single Electrons, Enhanced LIDAR Improves Range, Vibration Measures
 Jan. 17, 2006—Experiments Help Explain ‘Floppy’ Space Molecule, Simulation Program Predicts Resistivity in Nanodevices, Helping Small Firms Run Large Supply Chains, Updated Federal Guide on Cryptography Available, NIST Summer Research Jobs, Applications Due Feb. 15, NIST Appoints Hayes to Head Earthquake Program, NIST Names Hockert Chief of Weights and Measures
 Dec. 22, 2005—Einstein Was Right (Again): NIST/MIT Confirm E= mc2, Enjoy New Year's Eve a Second Longer!, Scientists Solve Mystery of the “Unicorn” Whale, Evaluation Metrics Proposed for Firefighter Thermal Imagers, New Enhancements Upgrade NIST Mass Spectra Library, Studying the Fate of Drugs in Wastewater
 Dec. 1, 2005—Physicists Coax Six Atoms into Quantum ‘Cat’ State, Nano-Cages ‘Fill Up’ with Hydrogen, ‘Jammed Networks’ May Clear the Way for Better Materials, ‘Long’ Distances Measured with Picometer Accuracy, Grant Advances Web Portal for U.S./China Standards, NIST Assists with Testing Crash Avoidance System
 Nov. 17, 2005—Additives May Save Energy for Cooling Big Buildings, Copper Ridges Nearly Double X-ray Sensor Performance, NIST Seeking Cure ofr Electronics-Killing 'Whiskers', Two Universities Get Grants for Precision Measurements, Nobel Laureate Wins Presidential Rank Award, Virgil Gligor to Receive NIST/NSA Security Award
 Nov. 3, 2005—WTC Report Urges Action for Safer Tall Buildings, 'Smart' Buildings to Guide Future First Responders, Tool Tackles Translucence and Other Color Challenges, Measurement and Standards Issues in Telemedicine, Updated Fire Modeling Software Released, Get On Board as a Baldrige Examiner
 Oct. 20, 2005—NIST Coordinates Study of Hurricane Structure Damage, Magnetic Nanoparticles Assembled into Long Chains, NIST Develops Health Care IT Standards Repository, Ultrafast Lasers Take 'Snapshots' as Atoms Collide, Why 'Filling-it-up' Takes More than 'Tank Capacity', NIST Physicist Honored for Technological Innovation
 Oct. 7, 2005—NIST/JILA Fellow Shares Nobel Prize in Physics, Better Measurements Reveal Seasonal Changes in Sulfur, NIST Method Improves Reliability of GPS Clocks, Simulations Predict Savings From More Airtight Buildings, Groups Join Forces for DHS Rescue Robot Standards, Federal Cryptography Guide Available for Comment
 Sept. 23, 2005—Nano-devices May Allow Smaller Microwave Systems, Advance May Move Kilogram Closer to 'Natural' Definition, NIST Atomic Fountain Clock Gets Much Better with Time, Meeting on New Technologies and Radiation Measurements
 Sept. 9, 2005—New Material May Have ‘Liquid’ Magnetic State, A New Structural View of Organic Electronic Devices, NIST Shielding Data Help Launch Shuttle, Comments Sought on Revision of Federal ID Standard, Experts To Examine Virtual Enterprise Uses of Info Tech
 Aug. 26, 2005—Detecting Anthrax Proteins at Ultralow Concentrations, Improving Security of Handheld IT Devices, NIST Develops 'Toolbox" for Manufacturing Systems, Consortium Seeks Comment on Gene Expression Roadmap, IT Program Hopes to Foster Better Security Checklists, Evaluation Gauges Results from Machine Translation, Conference to Highlight New Biometric Technologies, Industrial Physics Forum: Innovation Infrastructure, Practice Guide Describes Engineering Standards
 Aug. 10, 2005—Chemical Link Indicated between Alcohol and Certain Cancers, NIST Demonstrates Better Memory with Quantum Computer Bits, Comprehensive Database of Computer Vulnerabilities Now Available, Tandem Ions May Lead the Way to Better Atomic Clocks, First Large-Scale Evaluation of Iris Recognition Under Way, NIST Workshop to Help Industry Meet New EU Regulations, Guidelines Issued for Certifying, Accrediting PIV Card Issuers, New Guide Is Timely for Radio Controlled Clocks, Watches
 July 26, 2005Researchers Help Sort Out the Carbon Nanotube Problem, Bioagent Detector Guide Aids First Responder Purchasing, Compact JILA System Stabilizes Laser Frequency, Comments Sought on Draft Federal IT Security Standard, Measurement Challenges In Detecting Cancer Biomarkers, Draft Guidelines Released for IT Security Controls, NIST’s Manufacturing Lab Prints 2005 Program Guide, Usability Standard Achieves International Status
 July 13, 2005JILA Study of RNA Dynamics May Help in Drug Design, Temperature Control Improves NIST X-ray Detector, New Infrared Tool Measures Silicon Wafer Thickness, NIST Finds Rough Spot in Surface Measurement, Predicting the Lifetime of Extreme UV Optics

June 30, 2005—World Trade Center Team Calls for Code Improvements, Final Nightclub Fire Report Urges Code Compliance, New Design Developed for Silicon Nanowire Transistors, New Web Service Tracks Foreign Tech Regulations, NIST to Accredit Voting Systems Test Labs, NIST Outlines Support for Health IT Initiative, Reference Materials Planned for Semiconductor Industry, Submissions Requested for Crypto Hash Workshop, NIST Scientist Honored for Neutron Probe Advances

June 16, 2005—New Gene Chip May Be Early Cancer Diagnosis Tool, Finding the True Measure of Nanoscale 'Roughness', Software Advance Helps Computers Act Logically, New NIST Method Improves Accuracy of Spectrometers, NIST Researchers Receive Presidential Research Awards, Flemming Awards Received by Four NIST Researchers, Laser Measurements Seminar

June 2, 2005—NIST Photon Detectors Have Record Efficiency, Shadow Technique Improves Measurement of Micro Holes, New Authentication Code Urged for Digital Data, Software Addresses Terrorist Building Threats, NIST June Workshop Focuses on BFRs in Environment, Meeting Slated to Discuss Structural Steel and Fire, 2004 Baldrige Winners' Applications Available, and NIST Withdraws Outdated Data Encryption Standard

 May 18, 2005—Quantum Computing Results May Help in Code Breaking, New Initiative Will Map U.S. Measurement Needs, World's First UV 'Ruler' Sizes Up Atomic World, NIST Method Improves Timing in Oscilloscopes, Rock On! Indiana Limestone: NIST's First and Latest SRM, NIST Smoothness Web Site Adds 3-D Analysis Tools, NIST Showcase to Feature Nanotech and Bioscience
 May 5, 2005—'Metal-Decorated' Nanotubes Hold Promise for Fuel Cells, Study Examines Measurement of Service Sector R&D, DVD Showcases 2004 Baldrige Award Winners, NIST Fire Analysis Tools Featured in Online Training, Jin Elected to National Academy of Sciences, NIST Requests Comments on Managing Cryptographic Keys
 April 21, 2005—Chip-scale Refrigerators Cool Bulk Objects, Portable Radiation Detectors Generally Meet Standards, Nanomagnets Bend the Rules, Dogs and Robots Share NIST Special Test Arena, X-Rays Shine Light on High-Intensity Gas Lamps, Data Effort Improves Flow Toward 'Greener' Chemistry, Meeting to Explore Possible Gene Expression Consortium
 April 12, 2005—Probable Cause Sequences for WTC Collapse Finalized, Light Scattering Method Reveals Details under Skin, New Gas Sensors Patterned with Conducting Polymer, NIST To Host Public Forum on Robot Standards, New Members Appointed to Policy Advisory Group, NIST Issues HIPAA Security Guideline, NIST IT Laboratory's 2004 Technical Accomplishments, NIST and University of Colorado Establish Partnership
 March 24, 2005—Noisy Pictures Tell a Story of “Entangled” Atoms, Billions in Cost Estimated for Firefighter Injuries, Where's Waldo's DNA? New NIST SRM Joins Search, HIV/AIDS Structure Database is a Hit with Researchers, New Facility Recognized in Lab Design Competition, Fire Retardant Foam Consortium To Meet, How Long Should Digital Storage Media Last?, NIST, Utah State Collaborate On Sensor Technology
 March 10, 2005--NIST Urges Improvements in Nightclub Fire Safety, New ID Standard Announced for Federal Agencies, New Architecture Proposed for Quantum Computing, New Web Site 'Drills Down' into Government Standards, Security Controls Recommended for Federal Information Systems, The Future of the Semiconductor Industry, April Forum To Revisit National Standards Strategy, Workshop on Synchronization in Telecommunications
 February 24, 2005--Circuits Mimic Atom Pairs in Quantum Computing Advance, Nano-sized Chip Features Measured with Atom 'Ruler', NIST Software To Guide Federal 'Buy Green' Drive, New NIST Reference Material Reinforces Fragile-X Screens, Protecting Drinking Water Supplies Within Buildings, 1,000th Baldrige Award Application Will Be Free, Workshop on Manufacturing R&D, Experts Urge Redefinition of the Kilogram, Biometrics Focus of Two NIST Workshops
 February 10, 2005--President Proposes Funding for NIST FY2006 Programs, Sprinklers Shown Effective in Slowing Dorm Fires, Experiments Prove Existence of Atomic Chain 'Anchors', Devising Nano Vision for an Optical Microscope, Helping Future Engineers Use Today's Design Plans, New Judges Appointed to Baldrige Award Panel, Baldrige Winners Share Best Practices, PBS Features NIST/NARA Charters of Freedom Work, Cryptography Program Issues 500th Certificate
 January 26, 2005--Caution Urged for Switch to Internet Phones, Gentler Processing May Yield Better Molecular Devices, Lab Experiments Mimic a Star's Energy Bursts, Laser Applications Heat Up for Carbon Nanotubes, XML-based Language Formats Checklists for IT Security, NIST/HHS Join Forces for Medical Innovation
 January 5, 2005--Flame Retardant Exposure Linked to House Dust, Tiny, Atom-based Detector Senses Weak Magnetic Fields, Convention Center Implosion Site for Radio Experiments, Novel Zigzag Shape Gives Sensors Magnetic Appeal, NIST/EPA Study Aims at Healthy Indoor Climate, NIST/TA Team Up With "Big 3" on Manufacturing
 December 8, 2004--A Data ‘Repair Kit’ for Quantum Computers, Software Tool Finds 'Needles' in Data 'Haystacks', Microchip Industry Strives to Perfect Its Timing, Identifying Top Quality CD and DVD Media for Archiving, Baldrige 2005 Criteria Now Available, Wanted: Expert Reviewers for 2005 Baldrige Award
 November 24, 2004--Four Organizations Receive Presidential Quality Award, Ultrafast Laser Speeds Up Quest for Atomic Control, Planning for Extreme Events by Understanding Risk, New Project Takes Measure of Plastic Electronics, NIST Co-funded Technologies Tapped for Scientific American 50
 November 10, 2004--Gold Nano Anchors Put Nanowires in Their Place, Designing an Ultrasensitive 'Optical Nose' for Chemicals, Research Effort Seeks A's to Gene Expression Q's, Open Source Software Driver Can Improve PDA Security, NIST Requests Comments on Draft Federal ID Standard, Scientific American Dubs Jin 'Research Leader of the Year', Gebbie Honored as a AAAS Fellow
 October 27, 2004--New System 'Sees' Crimes on Audiotape, New Software Judges Quality of Scanned Fingerprints, NIST WTC Investigators Release Latest Research Findings, NIST Releases House Repair Planning, Budgeting Software, Capital Facilities Industry Joins the Information Revolution, Labor Department Issues Grants to Five Manufacturing Centers, Comments Sought on Federal Computer Security Guide
 October 14, 2004--Super Slow Light May Help Speed Optical Communications, NIST Fire Data/Simulations Aid Chicago Fire Investigation, Protecting Industrial Networks from Cyber Attacks, Baldrige Award for Non-Profits Approved, Mass Metrology CD-ROM Now Available in Spanish, Phoha Named New Director of NIST’s Information Technology Lab
 September 28, 2004--World Trade Towers Design Exceeded Wind Load Codes, Studying the Chemistry of Drugs in Wastewater, Fire Prevention Tips for Saving Lives, Helping Investigators Gather Crime Evidence from PDAs
 September 14, 2004--Scientists Tame 'Hip Hop' Atoms, A Simpler Design for X-Ray Detectors, Emergency 'Shoelacing' for Fractured Phone Systems, Protecting Buildings from Airborne Threats, Testbed to Link Metrology Tools/Software
 August 30, 2004--Chip-Scale Atomic Clock Unveiled by NIST, Software Difficulties Cost Builders Billions, Patented Process Preserves Transplant Tissues/Organs, Scientists Observe 'Atomic Air Force', Supercool! Model Unscrambles Complex Crystallization Puzzle, New Microfluidic Device Tackles Tough Synthesis Tasks, Lighting the Way to Better Nanoscale Films
 August 13, 2004--Carbon Nanotubes Eliminate Manufacturing Woe, Going to Mercury? Don’t Leave Home Without a NIST Calibration, New NIST Guide Helps Book’em on Digital Evidence, Plan to Reform, Strengthen NIST MEP Announced, Forum on Vehicle Scale Shipment Accuracy
 July 30, 2004--Lab Experiments Simulate House-to-House Fire Spread, Trade Center Analysis Classifies Victims’ Locations in Towers, New Way of 'Seeing': A 'Neutron Microscope', Something’s Fishy About New NIST Food Standard, Tackling Tough Problems with Reliable Computer Grids
 July 15, 2004--Fingerprint Matching Systems Highly Accurate, Study Finds, New Database to Help Develop AIDS Drugs, NIST Standard Adopted For Across-the-Road Radar, Cryogenics Research Yields Possible Cure for Arrhythmia, Twisting the Light Away, Method Tests Strength of Advanced Thin Films, A Safer Way to Make Metal Nanospheres, New Standards to Improve Measurements of Microdevices
 July 2, 2004--'Nanomaterial Yields Cool Results, WTC Investigation Identifies Standards, Codes Issues, Lack of Supply Chain Standards Costing Billions of Dollars, Measuring Artificial Viruses To Improve Disease Detection, Lasers Key to Construction, Manufacturing Advances
 June 16, 2004--'Teleporting' Quantum States From One Atom to Another, Keeping Drugs Stable Without Refrigeration, Quantum Mechanical 'Tune Up' for Better Measurement, Protecting Firefighters from Roof Collapses

May 24, 2004--New Standard to Help Diagnose Heart Attacks, Scaling Friction Down to the Nano/Micro Realm, Developing Tools for Reliable "Gene Chip" Measurements, Reducing Standards-Related Barriers to Trade, New Security Certification Guidelines for IT Systems

May 7, 2004--System Sets Speed Record For Quantum Encryption, Sea Turtle Health Linked to Contaminants, Uncertainty in Clinical Tests Raises Health Care Costs, Superconducting R&D Wire Achieves Major Milestone, Software Corrects Chip Errors Early, MEP Named as Finalist in Government Award, Two NIST Researchers Earn Presidential Honors, NIST/Chemical Safety Board Sign Agreement

 April 23, 2004--Portable 'Rainbow' Source Improves Color Calibrations, When Microns Matter: Web Site Smooths the Way, Improving Eye Patient Care With Telemedicine Standards, VA’s Newest Manufacturer Has Microscopic Product Line, NIST Supports Chip Group Data Standards Effort, Biomaterials Group Studies 3D Reference Scaffolds, Success Formulas Featured on Baldrige CDs, Videos
 April 9, 2004--DNA Research Highlights Prostate Cancer Mechanisms, Controlling Biomolecules With Magnetic 'Tweezers', New Tool Helps Builders Evaluate Terrorist Threats, Glowing Microspheres Improve Fluorescence Measurements, New Database Aids Medical Device Exporters, Ceramics Data Enter a New Phase
 March 25, 2004 -- World's Best "Rulers" Will Make Better Clocks, Standard Helps ID Fuels Used in Arson, Genes Appeared Before "Junk" DNA, Toolkit for Evaluating Public R&D Funding
 March 11, 2004 -- Method Produces Uniform, Self-Assembled Nanocells, Electronic Device Standards To Yield Choicer Chops, Delving into Defects Spurs Prospects for Chip Insulator, Homeland Security Standards Help State/Local Governments, NIST Study Helps Auto Engineers by the Numbers, Light Wave Measurements Make Circuits Better
 February 26, 2004 -- Current Smoke Alarms Pass Life-Saving Tests, Tagging Faulty Genes With Fluorescent Nanodots, Quantum Dots Deliver Photons One at a Time, Using Water as a Lens To Shrink Chip Dimensions, Standardizing Disaster Models To Help First Responders
 February 13, 2004 -- Laser Method Identifies, Counts Toxic Molecules, Testing Sticky Stuff With a ‘Fly’s Eye', Researchers Offer Tips For Longer Lived CD, DVDs, Demolition Tests Aim to Improve Emergency Communications, Federal Standard Issued For Improving IT Security, ATP Opens New Competition for R&D Projects
 January 30, 2004 -- New Form of Matter Created: A Fermionic Condensate, New Cryogenic Refrigerator Dips Chips into a Deep Freeze, ‘Kissing’ RNA and HIV-1: Unraveling the Details, Stirring Research Provides Recipe for Nanotube Success, NIST Neutron Researcher Wins Inaugural Society Award
 January 16, 2004 -- Cell Phone Still Too Big? Micro-Oscillators May Help, Advice for Designing Reliable Nanomaterials, New Standard on the Menu, Certified Slurried Spinach, Online Calculator Improves Analysis of Chemical Data
 December 19, 2003 -- Greeting Another New Year Without a Leap Second, Experts Stress Importance Of Holiday Fire Safety, Test Method Provides Biocompatibility ‘Barometer’, Low-Cost, Digital Displays Through Ink Jet Printing, Cone-Shaped Tool Aids Digital Projector Tests
 December 4, 2003 -- Microscopes Provide New View For Tissue Engineering, 2003 Baldrige Award Goes to Seven Organizations, Test Measures Compatibility of DVD Disks and Drives, Public's Help Requested on Rhode Island Nightclub Fire, Standard Helps Control Quality of Joint Replacements, Testing Rescue Robots At Arenas Around the Globe, Report Details Progress On World Trade Center Investigation
 November 21, 2003 -- Researchers Create Bose-Einstein 'Super Molecule,' X-ray Inspection May Meet Computer Chip-Making Need, Radio Waves Help See Moisture Inside Walls, Prospects Brighten for Future Superconductor Power Cables, Interactive CD-ROM Provides Mass Metrology Training
 November 6, 2003 -- Draft Federal Guidelines Issued for Computer Security, Agreements to Facilitate World Trade Center Study, Teaching Your Cell Phone Where It Is and How to Act, New Superconductor Study Confirms, Extends Nobel Theory, Md. Weathers Hurricane Isabel With Backup Fuel Cell Power, NIST Chemist Receives Rare Forensics Award
 October 23, 2003 -- NIST Director Urges Better Security for Critical Industrial Systems, Symposium to Address Voting Standards Issues, Developing Elevators that Function During Fires, Gauging the Economic Impact of Government R&D Programs, Only 15 Minutes of Life, No Fame, for Lone Neutrons, Two Extension Centers Help Manufacturer Get ‘Lean’
 October 10, 2003 -- NIST Physicist Wins MacArthur 'Genius' Grant, Helping Consumers Choose Among House Repair Options, Mimicking the Human Body With Carbon Black Polymers, Standard Improves Tests of Male DNA, Electronics Interconnections For Extreme Space Environments
 September 26, 2003 -- Cells Used as "Test Tubes" May Aid Pharmaceutical R&D, Rating the Performance of Residential Fuel Cells, Dual Microscopes Illuminate Electronic Switching Speeds, Metal Stamping Project Aims at Cutting Manufacturing Costs, Cases Protect Cherished Documents from Hurricane Isabel, Free CD Demystifies Complex Standards System
 September 10, 2003 -- Detecting Chemical Threats With “Intelligent” Networks, From Movies to Minutia: DVDs Eyed for Archival Uses, Software Opens the Door For Natural Ventilation, Sensor Company Flies High With Extension Center Help
 August 27, 2003 -- Recipe for a Shake Gel, Detoxifying Sediments With Electrons and UV Light, MEP Center Helps Maine Company Build Bright Future on the Past, With Neutrons, Partners Pursue The Scent of Success
 August 11, 2003 -- New NIST Facility Soon Will Be 'Reflecting' on Safer Signs, Finding Dirty Bombs and Other Radiation Threats, NIST Developing Virtual Reality Training Tool for Firefighters, MEP Helps Small Kentucky Firm Play Big Role in Defense, Single Photon Detector Conquers the Dark Side, NIST Helps Chip Industry Measure Features by Counting Atoms
 July 28, 2003 -- Standards To Help Manufacturers Measure Micromachine Properties, 'Liquid Lenses' May Shrink Feature Sizes on Microchips, Conference to Highlight Biometric Technologies, Standard Puts High-Speed Chips On the Fast Track, Fire Investigative Team Describes Progress
 July 9, 2003 -- Ultracold Experiments Pave Way for Super Molecule, NIST Assists Hollywood With Digital Cinema Study, System Helps Ensure Reliability Of Military Communications, Tiny Bubbles: New Tool in Chemical Sensing?, Dot, Dot, Dot . . . How Quantum Dots Line Up, Grants to Fund Development Of Novel Technologies
 January/February 2003 -- NIST 'Phantom Material' May Help Improve Metal Detectors, NIST Helps U.S. Capitol with 'Overhead' Problem, Improved Ocean Color Mapping When the NIST SIRCUS Is in Town, New NIST Standards Say 'Hairs' to Better Drug Testing, NIST/ISMT Laboratory Puts the 'Force' With Chipmakers, 'Stone Cold' Video Showcases NIST's Hunt for New State of Matter
 October/November 2002 -- NIST 'Pins' Down Imaging System for the Blind, NIST Helping Prepare an 'Out of This World' Atomic Clock, New Standard Helps Make Software Easier to Use, NIST Solving a Mystery Among Electrons, NIST Genetics Research Lends a Hand in World Trade Center IDs, NIST Micro-Positioner May Help Send Messages from the Stars
 July/August 2002 -- NIST Researchers Approach Non-Physical Standard for Kilogram, A Notary Public for the Digital Age, ATP Project Helps Solar Energy Home Operate on Ribbons, NIST Helps Make Criminal Hard Drives Become 'Hard Evidence', NIST 'Hot' Movies Help Optimize Sensors, New NIST Measurement System May Help Save Power and Dollars
 May/June 2002 -- Detectors Soon Will Be No Match for NIST-Tuned Radar Guns, NIST Chocolate Standard Raises the ‘Bar’ on Accuracy, NIST Chemists Define and Refine Properties of Plastic Microsystems, New NIST Booklet Tells How to Short Circuit Surges, Need the Time or Need to Know About Time ... Go to NIST!
 March/April 2002 -- NIST Creates ‘Magic’ Bullets (and Casings) Against Crime, Video Illustrates Impact of Sprinklers on Dorm Room Fires, Cutting’-Edge Technology to Better Shape Submarine Propellers, New Tool Promises Better Predictions of Gas Impacts, New Standards from NIST May Provide ‘All-Natural’ Benefits, New NIST Procedure Seeks Improved Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome
 January/February 2002 -- NIST Helps Ensure Well-Timed Sledding at Winter Olympics, New Web Page Highlights NIST Efforts in Homeland Security, New Evidence for Human Impact on Carbon Dioxide Levels, Award-Winning ATP Project Helps Manufacturers Get a Grip, NIST Helps U.S. Army Ensure Gas Mask Quality, NIST, Automakers Steer Clear of Info Highway Barriers
November/December 2001 -- Ultracold Plasmas Are a Chilling Puzzle, A Trip to the ‘Library’ May Help Catch Computer Villains, New NIST Test Says ‘Y’ Be Uncertain about DNA Identification, New Imaging Tool Has X-Ray Eyes, NIST Named National Historic Chemical Landmark, Video Says ‘SURF’s Up’ Again for NIST Summer Student Program
bullet October 2001 -- New State of Matter Yields Nobel Prize for NIST Researcher, It’s a Dirty Job, But Somebody Has to Do It, NIST Helps Close Electronic Nooks to Computer-Using Crooks, Science Friction: Lubricants for Minuscule Machines, NIST ‘Microhotplate’ May Help Search for Extraterrestrial Life, Public Defenders Get Better Defense Against Stabbings
bullet September 2001 -- NIST Hair ID System May Help Put ‘Locks’ on Criminals, How Fast Does Fire Spread? See for Yourself in New NIST Video, NIST Standard to Help Satellite Correctly ‘See the Light’, Turning Seaweed into a Scientific Tool, Old Ticker at NIST Gets a New Lease on Life, Classroom Presentation on Cryogenic Magic Available
bullet July/August 2001 -- ‘Black Box’ Enhances Medical Decision Making: New Site Showcases NIST Connections in Your Community: Supercold Atoms Dance to the Beat of the ‘Bosenova’: Smithsonian Museum Opens Exhibit on NIST: Oklahoma Aircraft Repairer Soars to Success with MEP Help: NIST Gives Chip Makers the Edge by Smoothing Edges
bullet June 2001 -- From Curves to Corked Bats: NIST Helps America ‘Play Ball’, NIST, Partners ‘Booting Up’ Tomorrow’s Smart Workplace, Controlled Blazes May Help Make College Life Safer, NIST Biomedical Standards Say ‘Here’s to Your Health!’, From the Start, NIST Has Helped Optoelectronics Improve Our Lives, For the Time of Your Life, Call NIST
bullet May 2001 -- NIST Posts New Web Site: No One Over 18 Admitted!, Just Grape! NIST Excels in International Wine Testing, NIST Research Helps Create New Treatment for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, No Cause for Alarm ... Unless It's for Real, New System Being Developed to Detect Concealed Weapons, NIST Team to Keep the Feds Ahead of Cyber Dangers
bullet March/April 2001 -- Seattle Quake Lessons: Not Bad, But We Can Do Better, Bringing Polymer Patterns into Focus, Tiny Structures Are Focus for New NIST Facility, Putting a 'Whisker-Free' Face on Electronic Parts, 'MEMS' the Word for Newly Patented Device, On Top of Old Smoky, the Hot Water's Courtesy of NIST
bullet February 2001--Getting the Better of Einstein--For Once, Students Help Renovate a Part of WWII--and NIST--History, XCALIBIR Cuts a Path to Advanced Microchips, Centers Can Help Small Manufacturers Save Energy, Dollars, Firefighter Rescue Devices Checked for PASSing Grade, 1904 Baltimore Disaster Made Standards a Hot Issue
bullet January 2001--Save Your Breath, Turn on the Propeller!, New Standard Test Methods to Keep Auto Industry in Top Form, Treadmill Manufacturer Slims Costs, Bulks Up Sales and Production, Brilliant X-Ray Beams Illuminate Microstructures of Materials, Reporters Invited to Help Celebrate NIST's Birthday, Near-Centenarian Cast Iron Standard Still Going Strong
bullet December 2000--Arrest Free Radicals and Help Put the Cuffs on Aging, NIST Helps Make Benefits of Flat-Panel Displays Crystal Clear, Don't Just Fight Tooth Decay ... Reverse It!, Turning Tragedy into a Better Understanding of Radiation Effects, Party at Midnight on New Year's Eve . Again!, December Milestones Lined the Path to Closed Captioning on TV
bullet November 2000--New Book, Web Site Chronicle 100 Years of Service to America, NIST Helps Ensure Well-Timed Sledding at Next Winter Olympics, Rebuilding Bone with the Help of Technology, NIST Designing Tests of Crash-Prevention Technology, The Right 'Combination' Unlocks the Door to Advanced Materials, Radiation Standards Helped X-Rays Do More Good than Harm
bullet October 2000--Everyday is SUNday Inside the Sphere, Live on the Internet, It's the Panama Canal!, Louisiana Center Helps Houseboat Firm Sail on the Sea of Success, Mr. Gorbachev, Please Don't Tear Down This Wall!, NIST Makes Measurable Improvements in Mammography, If the Phone Rings Before Dawn in October, Hope It's Sweden Calling
bullet September 2000--Desert Wetlands? No Mirage, It's the Cutting Edge of Aquaculture, NIST Measurements May Give the Heave-Ho to Frost-Heaving Damage, Charters of Freedom Encasement Project Moves Forward, Tunnels Make Accurate Wind-Speed Measurements a Breeze, Montana MEP Center Deals Toilet Manufacturer a Royal Flush of Success, In the Rockies' Shadow, Boulder Labs Achieve Mountainous Results
bullet August 2000--NIST Simulates Urban Destruction to Test Mechanical Searchers, NIST Taming Atoms to Power Future Super Computers, One Modeling Software Does the Trick for Two Famous Structures, Chilly Willee Freezes Costs with Help from Illinois MEP Center, Quality Metal Detectors Are Easier to Find, Thanks to NIST, When Mother Nature's at Her Worst, NIST is Often at Its Best
bullet July 2000--New Technique Helps Retrieve Data from Damaged Magnetic Tape, NIST Joins Team to Standardize Cancer Screening Diagnostic Tests, New Library Will Help 'Close the Book' on Computer Crooks, 'Tele' Your Doctor How You Feel, Kneeling Soon May Be More Appealing for Firefighters, July Records Milestones in Time and Frequency Broadcasting
bullet June 2000--NIST Helps Washington, D.C., Plug a Few Leaks ... in the Capitol Dome, Better Protection for Our Protectors Nears Reality, Boss Hoss Cycles Kick Into High Gear, New Standard Keeps Computers in Sync for Complex Calculations, Practice Makes Virtually Perfect in Medical Simulations, Special Camera Followed the Sun to Opposite Ends of the Globe
bullet May 2000--Inventor Merged Three Technologies to Speed Mail Sorting, NIST Fingerprint Software Says Thumbs Down to Criminals, For Frequency Measurements, One Laser Is Better Than Several, Florida Firm Gets Lean with Help from MEP, Using Computers to Streamline Clinical Care-Finally, Huff and Puff and Shake ... The Houses Won't Fall Down
bullet April 2000--Six Million Pounds of Quartz Help Keep America Mighty, Crime Labs Get NIST Help Analyzing Gunpowder and Explosives, High-Performance Car Engine? It's Putty in Their Hands, MDs Rely on NIST Standards for New Cancer, Heart Therapies, Computer Programs Paint Fire by the Numbers, A Little OOMMF May Help Increase Computer Memory
bullet March 2000--Remembering the Beginning as NIST Starts its 100th Year, NIST Helps Building Join Ohio College Faculty, Study Shows Quality Pays for Software-Driven Devices, ATP Partner Moves DNA in the Right Direction, Helping Concrete Go with the Flow, Atoms, Check Your Engines!
bullet February 2000--Two Places at Once? NIST Shows It's Only for Atoms, Presidential Initiative Seeks Funds to Squash Hackers, On Balance, May Be Best New Thing on the Internet, For California Confectionery, Life Is Sweet Once More, If It's Warm Outside, It's Not Midweek, New Registry Helps Developers Check IDs at the Door
bullet January 2000--Trapping Neutrons May Capture Bigger Prize-Peek at Big Bang, Using One Voice for Software Testing Creates Harmony for All, From Chocolate to Heart Proteins: NIST Sets the Standard,s Smile! New NIST Amalgam Material Contains No Mercury, A Laser Ruler for Paint Films, Neutrons Chart Smooth Ride for Automotive Springs
bullet December 1999--When It's Too Hot, Firefighters Turn to NIST, NIST Scales the Washington Monument ... Again, NIST Chemists Hit the Dirt, Proteins Hold Key to Curing Diseases, Bose Einstein Models Make Beautiful, Superfluid Images, Vehicles Measure Up Thanks to NIST
bullet November 1999--New NIST Device Turns e-Books into Braille, ATP Digital TV Project Goes on the Air, Chip Off the Old Supernova, Modern Technology May Have Solved Decades-Old Mystery, Minnesota Technology Helps Easy Systems Bring Home the Bacon, And That's The Way It Was
bullet October 1999 --New Web Site Puts Atomic Time on Your Computer, Two NIST Labs Help Chandra Explore the Universe, Tiny Forces to be Reckoned With, Telescope Mirror Born at NIST Goes Home to Ohio, Vitamin D Measurements Aid Polar Bear Cubs, Canton Cooperage Becomes the Toast of the Fine Wine Industry
bullet September 1999 --Advanced Encryption Standard Will Keep Your Secrets Safe, Light-Speed Communications Rely on NIST Standards, Vitamin Measurements Made More Reliable at NIST, Researchers Are Having a Ball with Round Molecules, 100 Millimeters Makes a Big Difference, Business Heats Up for Thermagon with Help from Cleveland MEP
bullet August 1999 --Precast Concrete Stands Tall in NIST Earthquake Lab, Neutron Beams Have the Power to Examine Batteries, Literature Meets Electronics in E-Book Workshop, 'Middleware' Lets You Write the Rules, Cool New Web Site Offers Physics History Lesson, Michigan Manufacturing Firm Is Ready for Y2K--Are You?
bullet July 1999 --Computer Networks Get Smart with Mobile Agent Technology, Companies Work to Exterminate Y2K Bug with NIST Assistance, Novel Optics Shed New Light on Medicine, Electronics, Lunar Reflector Still on the Job After 30 Years, Mystery Meat Makes Marvelous Measurement Metric, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
bullet June 1999 --NIST Helps Keep New Safety Measure on Road to Reality, Grocery List Toppers Are Gaining Popularity in Chemistry Labs, Coming Soon to a Computer Near You: Smart Space Technology, Cop Cars Measure Up with New AutoBid Software from NIST, Controlling the Future of the Semiconductor Industry, Spark Detector Helps Predict Breakdowns
bullet May 1999 --NIST Tells Time--6.5 Million Times a Day, Speeders Beware: New Radar Harder to Elude, If You Design It Well, They Will Come, NIST Software Is Tops at the Earth's Bottom, Polyester: You've Come a Long Way Baby, Predicting Pollution's Potential
bullet April 1999 --Measure Mercury More Accurately with New Mussel Tissue Standard, Modeling Soldering: Scientists Tackle Tiny Trouble Spots, Molding the Future of Auto Bodies, Innovative Concept May Solve Composites Problem, Partners Pave Way for Advanced Space Observatories, Mini CAT Scans Check Out Circuits
bullet March 1999 --NIST Improves Accuracy of Radioactive Prostate Seeds, Charters of Freedom Slated for Move to Improved Cases, Hacker Attacks Increasing with Easy-to-Use Internet Programs, Ceramic Coatings Offer Promise of Superior Engines, Get Ready for the mebi, gibi and tebi, Genetic Bar Coding Speeds DNA Testing
bullet February 1999 --Tracking Construction Projects with Lasers Could Save Time and Money, New Method Lets Pig Clean Out Natural Gas Pipeline, NIST Produces New 'Internet in a Box', 'Giant Magnetoresistance' Coming to a Sensor Near You, Scientists Find New Use for Imaging Technique, Special NIST Offer--Titanic Video--Not Available in Stores
bullet January 1999 -- New Software Could Send Cost of Bridges Falling Down, NIST Develops Oxygen Liquefier Technology for Use on Mars, When the Dust Settles, New NIST Standard is Tops, Prolific NIST Researcher Crosses Scientific Boundaries, New Precision Manufacturing Technology Has Magnetic Personality, New Data Support Theory About Titanic Rivets
bullet December 1998-- Leap Second Scheduled for New Year's Eve, NIST Scientists Study High-Strength Concrete Failure in Fires, Want Your Medications Scrambled or Over Easy?, Is it Half Enough? NIST Measures Titantium-44 Half-Life, New Devices Might Bring Giant Advances, Do As the Romans Do ... or Don't ?
bullet November 1998 -- Silicon Carbide Smokes from Sandpaper to Stadium Displays, NIST Image Gallery Offers Colorful View of Microscopic World, Future Factories May Use 'Plug and Play' Systems, Technique May Help Industry Make Even Smaller Transistors, New Instrument to Help Prevent Soggy 'Chips', CDI Seals Up Profits with MEP Center's Help
bullet October 1998 --NIST Sponsors Historic Data Scrambling Battle, NIST Pioneers Testing of Smart Smoke Alarms, Polymers Could Be Key Ingredient for Advanced Microchips, NIST Robot Crane Soon May Weld the 'Hull' Thing, Scientists Go to New Heights for Better Radiation Detectors, Excalibur USA Cuts Inefficiency, Improves Productivity 63%
bullet September 1998 -- NIST Develops Instruments to Measure Rail Wheel Stress, NIST Writes the Next Chapter in Book Publishing, New Enzyme Structure Like Solving 30,000-Piece 3-D Puzzle, NIST Aims to Create THE Standard Bullet, Eyeball-Like Lens Systems May Improve Future Cameras, Tiny Particles Offer Big Benefits in Growing Market
bullet August 1998 -- Engineers Are Working Toward Designing A Better Handcuff, 'DNA Chips' and Tiny Tubes Make Genetic Studies Practical, NIST Software Makes Remote Computing a Snap, New Technique Helps Manufacturers Cast Better Dies, New Web Museum Exhibit Describes History of the Meter, No More Yucky Chemical Build Up
bullet July 1998 -- Measuring Mass: NIST Scientists Tackle Kilogram Problem, Shedding Light on Chilling Out, Super Insulation Keeps Its Cool, Outside Help for Deficient Bone Marrow Cells, NIST Helps to Answer a Siren's Call for Standards, Hands-On Help Puts Small Company in the Spotlight
bullet June 1998 -- Cops and Docs Find Evidence in the Other DNA , Less Shaking and Rattling on the Road, 'Catching the Wave' May Lead to More Solid Foundations, Chemists Help Achieve 'Artificial Photosynthesis', Wheelchair Company Rockets to Success with Center's Help, When at First You Don't Succeed, Try Again
bullet May 1998 -- Tiny Bubbles May Be Key to Future Electronics NIST Helps Slice Year 2000 Problems Down to Size, Nanowired! NIST Makes New Nanostructures,  NIST Helps Wring Water Out of Walls Before They're Built, New Testbed Aims to Be Dimensionally Correct, New NIST Video Shows Hot Research on Cold Atoms
bullet April 1998 -- Scientists Working on Cold Probe for a Warm Heart, Aircraft Safety Measures Include Efforts to End False Fire Alarms, Measurements Go 'Down the Tubes', Composites Finally Get Some Respect, Economically Speaking, Global Network Technologies Meet the Red Brick School House, Hot Off the Press! Get Your Metric Poster Here!
bullet March 1998 -- 'Book 'em Nano !', NIST Makes Sure Windows in Space Are Reliable, Oh Baby! New Food Standards Improves Nutrition Labeling, Where There's Fire, There's Smoke, Babe and Friends Miss Cookies, Company Profits, Extremely Cold Refrigerator Goes on Next Space Shuttle
bullet February 1998 -- Atomic Clock in Space Will Raise Accuracy to New Heights, NIST Helps Light the Way to Safer Flying, Research Yields a Cool 433 Percent, Researchers Seek Greenhouse Gas Substitutes, Tiny Portals Could Open New Way to Sequence DNA, Even Packaging Needs Packaging
bullet January 1998--Physicists Probe Puzzles of Heavy Metal Stars, Dental Drilling Can Be Enough to Make a Tooth Crack, Interest Heats Up for Photovoltaic Water Heater, All Aboard! NIST Takes a New Look at Train Fire Safety, New Material Likes the Layered Look, New Web site Shows How NIST Is in Your City Every Day
bullet November 1997--Really Cool Laser Experiments Net NIST Physicist Nobel Prize... Please Pass the DNA Chips... Chemical Needles in a Haystack? Here's a 'Solution' Solution... NIST Marks 10 Years of Finding New Refrigerant Fluids... Fire Alarm System to Pack a Wallop... NIST Nanotechnologists to Get a 'Grip'
bullet September 1997--The Quietest Place on Earth... Rounding (Up) the (DNA) Bases in Record Time... Fire Research Tackles Perils of New Firefighter Technology... Cube-Shaped Carbon Molecules Don't Stack Up... Cholesterol Tests Are Much More Accurate Thanks to NIST... Agencies Cooperate to Boost Quality of Implant Materials

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Created: July 2000
Last updated: April 28, 2010

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