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Riddle Me This!

1. I’m green and flat. NIST researchers studied ways to keep my color bright and the rest of me strong so that I would last longer. Who am I?

2. We’re round and white and we like to jump around. NIST experts weighed us very carefully to make sure that the “drawing” would be fair. Who are we?

3. I’m steep, and sleek, and cold. I live in Utah. NIST set my clock so the racer’s times will be just right. Who am I?

4. You carry me with you everywhere. I have a very touchy personality and I have more ridges than dipping potato chips. NIST studies me to help take a bite out of crime. Who am I?

5. I’m usually very quiet and I love to hang around in hallways. Once in a while I really raise a ruckus. NIST studies how I should be tested to make sure I’m always on guard. Who am I?

6. I’m big and strong and even though I’m more than 100 years old and all grown up, people still want to know exactly how tall I am. NIST helped figure out that I am exactly 169.31 meters or 555 feet, 5.9 inches tall. Who am I?

7. You shouldn’t leave the country without me. They might not let you back in. NIST helps the State Department make sure I can take a beating and still look good for at least 10 years. Who am I?

8. NIST carefully weighs things to measure their mass. But they’ve had to work very hard to “weigh” me. I’m so big I don’t fit on any scale. The key to my mass is my friend Big G. Based on recent NIST-funded research to measure Big G, scientists think my mass is about 5 972 200 000 000 000 000 000 000 kilograms. Who am I?

Answers to riddle me this!

Yacto Cartoon

Down here! Squint so you can see me! NIST invented a "ruler" made of silicon atoms. It can measure things so small even I can't see them.
-- Yacto



Created: May 8, 2001
Last updated: August 15, 2001
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Peta Cartoon

Hey! Did you know that NIST engineer Greg Linteris served as an astronaut on two Space Shuttle missions to study fire safety in space?
-- Peta