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NIST Colloquium Series

Displaying Colloquia from January 01, 2014 To December 30, 2014

Theoretical Physics and the Phenomena of Life: How Much Can We Calculate?
January 15, 2014

William Bialek Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics and Department of Physics Princeton University more

Shocks and Consequences: Resilience Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy and the Boston Marathon Bombing
January 24, 2014

Stephen E. Flynn Center for Resilience Studies, George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security, and Department of Political Science … more

Black History Month Colloquium: Remembering NBS, My Gateway to a Future of Service and Opportunity
February 21, 2014

Reatha Clark King Chair, Board of the National Association of Corporate Directors more

Building a Better Future, with Robots
March 7, 2014

Rodney Brooks Roboticist and Founder, Rethink Robotics more

Entrepreneurship Pathways at NIST: Taking ideas from the lab to the market
March 21, 2014

Laurie Locascio, Material Measurement Laboratory Director Brenton Knuffman and Adam Steele, Founders of ZeroK Nanotech Jun Ye, NIST and JILA Fellow more

Measuring People: From Elementary Counting to Better Healthcare
April 4, 2014

Leslie Pendrill, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden more

A Measure of Improbable Research
April 25, 2014

Marc Abrahams Improbable Research, Inc. more

Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From clocks to computers
May 30, 2014

Ana Maria Rey JILA Fellow and NIST Associate more

Measuring Our Microbial Communities and Their Dynamics
September 26, 2014

Rob Knight Professor Biofrontiers Institute, Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Computer Science University of Colorado more

Quantum Opportunities in Gravitational Wave Detectors
October 3, 2014

Nergis Mavalvala, Curtis and Kathleen Marble Professor of Astrophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology more

A Personal Perspective on Human Space Flight: the science and the future
November 14, 2014

Linda Godwin, Former NASA Astronaut Physics Department, University of Missouri, Columbia more

The Diversity Crisis in Higher Education--A great danger to our Nation’s competitiveness
December 12, 2014

Richard Tapia Director, Center for Excellence and Equity in Education, and Professor in Engineering, Rice University more


Anyone outside NIST wishing to attend must be sponsored by a NIST employee and receive a visitor badge. For more information, call Stephanie Shaw at 301-975-2667.

Colloquia are videotaped and available in the NIST Research Library.