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Displaying Colloquia from January 01, 2013 To December 30, 2013

The Idea Factory
January 11, 2013

Jon Gertner, Editor-at-Large, Fast Company more

Neutrons at NIST: Past, Present, and Future
January 25, 2013

Dan Neumann, NIST Center for Neutron Research more

Superposition, Entanglement, and Raising Schrodinger's Cat
February 1, 2013

Dave Wineland, NIST Fellow, Leader of the Ion Storage Group more

When is Reproducibility an Ethical Issue? Genomics, personalized medicine, and human error
February 22, 2013

Keith Baggerly, MD Anderson Cancer Center more

Innovation, Skunk Works® Style
March 8, 2013

Al Romig, Vice President and General Manager, Chief Skunk, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Advanced Development Programs, Skunk Works® more

The Higgs boson: What it is and why it matters
March 22, 2013

S. James Gates, Jr., University System of Maryland Regents Professor; and John S. Toll, Professor of Physics, Center for String and Particle … more

The Zebra's Stripes: A New Theory of Animal Vision
April 5, 2013

Roy Feinson, Vision Software Developer and Author more

Math in the Movies
May 3, 2013

Tony DeRose, Senior Scientist, Research Group Lead, Pixar Animation Studios more

Clifford G. Shull: A Memoir of a Pioneer in Neutron Scattering
May 17, 2013

Robert D. Shull, NIST Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering Division, Material Measurement Laboratory more

From Artefacts to Atoms--The BIPM and the Search for Ultimate Measurement Standards
July 11, 2013

Terry Quinn, Emeritus Director, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures more

The Promise of Urban Science
September 6, 2013

Steven E. Koonin Director NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress more

Interpretations of Probability
October 25, 2013

Aidan Lyon Assistant Professor of Philosophy University of Maryland more

The Life, Family, and Science of Charlotte E. Moore
December 6, 2013

Michael A. Duncan Department of Chemistry University of Georgia more


Anyone outside NIST wishing to attend must be sponsored by a NIST employee and receive a visitor badge. For more information, call Stephanie Shaw at 301-975-2667.

Colloquia are videotaped and available in the NIST Research Library.