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Weights and Measures Division Training

In order to secure uniformity in the application of weights and measures laws and regulations, regulators must be trained in applying a consistent interpretation of the laws and in using proper test procedures and inspection techniques. Similarly, in order for industry to comply with the laws, they must fully understand what is required of them. Our division provides training courses and associated training materials, guides, and manuals to regulatory officials and related industry personnel. Courses are offered on various sections of Handbook 44, including many specific device technologies, on packaging, labeling, and checking the net content of packaged products, and on price verification. Additionally, there are numerous courses for state laboratory metrologists offered throughout the year. Training is done both at NIST and around the country, and we have also incorporated the use of web technology for offering brief training courses.

Visit the Weights and Measures Contact Management System to sign-up for scheduled training or to request training for any of the topics below. Registration to log-in to the Contact Management System is required. [How to Request Training - DOC]


Management Review
Webinar - Ensuring Accurate Net Weights in Retail Stores Part 1
Webinar - Ensuring Accurate Net Weights in Retail Stores Part 2
Webinar - Seafood - Good Quantity Control Practices

Field Training

Belt Conveyor Scales
Checking the Net Contents
Glazed Seafood Test Procedures
HB 133 - Verifying the Net Contents of Random Weight Packaged Goods in Retail Stores
Hopper Scales
Introduction to Electronic Weighing and Measuring Systems
Introduction to Handbook 44
Linear Measuring Devices
Livestock and Animal Scales
Loading-Rack Meters
LPG Liquid-Measuring Devices
Meat Beams and Monorail Scales
Medium-Capacity Scales
Packaging and Labeling
Prescription Scales and Jeweler's Balances
Price Verification
Retail Computing Scales
Retail Motor-Fuel Dispensers
Vehicle and Axle-Load Scales
Vehicle Scales
Vehicle Tank Meters
Webinar - Verifying Proper Design of AZT

Instructor Training

Audit Trail Instructor Training
Handbook 133 Instructor Training
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Liquid-Measuring Devices Instructor Training
Packaging and Labeling - Instructor Training School
Price Verification Instructor Training
Retail Computing Scales Instructor Training
Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers & Consoles Instructor Training


Advanced Mass Hands-On Seminar
Advanced Mass Seminar
Balance and Scale Calibration and Uncertainties
Basic Metrology Seminar - Mass
Basic Metrology Seminar - Length/Volume
Basic Metrology Short Course (MSC)
Fundamentals of Metrology
Intermediate Metrology Seminar
Laboratory Administration
Length Metrology Seminar
Mass Metrology Seminar
Volume Metrology Seminar
Webinar - Basic Uncertainty Concepts
Webinar - Calibration Method Validation
Webinar - Calibration Report Evaluations
Webinar - Conducting an Effective Management Review
Webinar - Contract Review
Webinar - Document Control and Record Keeping
Webinar - Documenting Traceability and Calibration Intervals
Webinar - Internal Auditing Best Practices
Webinar - Measurement Assurance Basics
Webinar - Proficiency Testing Follow Up Actions and Root Cause Analysis
Webinar - PT Analysis Using NIST Tools
Webinar - Software Verification and Validation
Webinar - State Laboratory Annual Submission Process
Webinar - Supplier Evaluation

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