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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - Field Standards

Series/H-XXX Key Words Article Issue
H-001 Weight Cart
Handbook 105-8
Use of Fuel Error Weights on NIST HB 105-8 - Compliant Weight Carts December 2003
H-002 Volumetric prover
Volumetric Prover Calibration and Use February 2004
H-003 Small volume provers Series- Part 1 - Small Volume Provers: Identification, Terminology and Definitions March 2005
H-004 Small volume provers Part 2 - Small Volume Provers: History, Design, and Operation June 2005
H-005 Field Standards
Proper Packaging Required to Maintain Traceability June 2005
H-006 Calibration
Calibration of Rock?
Calibration Certificates - Acceptance or Not?
June 2005
H-007 Small volume provers
Meter performance
Proving K-factor
Part 3 - Small Volume Provers: Mathematical Determination of Meter Performance Using SVPs August 2005
H-008 Glassware calibration
Use of glassware
Important Technical Guidance on Glassware August 2005
H-009 Field standards
Calibration intervals
NIST - Suggested Field Standards & Calibration Intervals August 2005
H-010 Small volume provers
Operating Procedures
Part 4 - Small Volume Provers (SVPs): Operating Procedures for the Use of SVPs when Testing Loading Rack Meters November 2005
H-011 Field Standards
Weight Carts
Are You Confused by "Retroactivity?" November 2005
H-012 SVP Report Forms
Small volume provers
Part 5-Small Volume Prover (SVP) Proving Reports March 2006
H-013 Mercury thermometers Get the (Lead) Mercury Out!! March 2006
H-014 Bottom-drain sight flow gages
Decimal Gallon indications
LPG provers
High-resolution devices
Updates to Handbook 105-3 and 105-4 April 2008
H-015 Field standards
Field Standards for Weights and Measures April 2013
H-016 Provers
Test measures
Draining Test Measures and Provers March 2015
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