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Tare Verification Webinar: Ensuring Accurate Net Weights in Retail Stores

NIST Office of Weights and Measures continues to receive feedback from state weights and measures officials concerning increasing instances of short-weighing in retail food stores over the past few years. This has brought some media attention in a few states, with concern that this attention may grow. Most of the officials have expressed the view that many of the retailers they have encountered could avoid problems if they were provided training on the legal requirements for selling on the basis of net weight and on good tare determination procedures.
The webinar includes a brief review of:

  • the legal requirements, importance, and the proper use of tare and selling on the basis of net weight
  • NIST role, state Weights and Measures role and approach to inspections
  • legal requirements for packages
  • the business case for ensuring accuracy
  • the cost and value of tare including possible fines, penalties, negative publicity in the media, multi state investigation concerns
  • common problems and how to avoid them using good quantity control processes
  • routine checks and balances and examples of retailer best practices
  • explanation of how to read and respond to state weights and measures reports and officials.


Webinar URL [Length: 1:30 hrs]

About the Instructor - David Sefcik

David is a weights and measures technical expert with NIST OWM on uniform laws and regulations in the area of legal metrology (i.e. weights and measures law, uniform packaging and labeling regulations, price verification, methods of sale, checking the net contents of packaged goods), working with industry, states, federal agencies and other key stakeholders to provide collaboration, education and training to ensure equity in the marketplace.

David also brings a wealth of knowledge from his 25 years working for Giant Food of Maryland (Ahold), Whole Foods Market and Safeway. His broad retail experience includes leadership positions in store operations, information systems, industrial engineering, data and shrink control, promotions, and as company liaison for industry best practices and standards development, having working on numerous industry committees including those of the Food Marketing Institute.