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The National Conference on Weights and Measures
Fuels and Lubricants Subcommittee

Formerly Petroleum Subcommittee

The National Conference on Weights and Measures established the Petroleum Subcommittee in 1992 to provide advice and technical guidance to the Laws and Regulations Committee on model laws and regulations concerning engine fuel quality, petroleum products, and automotive lubricants.

Current Members PDF | EXCEL

Current Projects (under development)

  • 2005 Petroleum Laboratory Guidelines PDF
  • Tennessee T50 Data (4/2007) PDF
  • ASTM D 6751 Lab Equipment Analysis (4/2007) PDF
  • Fuels Regulation (4/2007) PDF
  • NCWM Petroleum Subcommittee Meeting Jacksonville, Florida 1/24/07 PDF
    Presented by Herman and Assoc. (4/2007)
    • Update on ASTM E85 Task Force PDF
    • GM Power Train, Fuel and Lubricants
      Presented by Andrew Buczynsky PDF
    • NIST 130 Gasoline Concerns PDF
    • T50 and Ethanol
      Presented by Jim McGetrick, BP PDF
  • State Fuel Quality Laws for Ethanol Blended Gasoline
    changes to promote and protect but not impede e10 presented" by Marathon Petroleum Co. PDF
  • Petroleum Committee Attendance, January 24, 2007 PDF