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calendar-5NIST OWM Five Year Plan

The NIST Office of Weights and Measures plans to carry out its mission to promote uniformity in standards and technology development, for weights and measures requirements and procedures, to facilitate trade, both nationally and internationally in support of the hydrogen economy. OWM developed a long range plan to accomplish its goals to promote the United States transition to a hydrogen economy.

NIST OWM has over a five year period (2008-2012) worked with stakeholders in technical work sessions and other forums to develop commercial hydrogen measurement standards to address: (1) equipment performance codes; (2) method of sale requirements; (3) labeling and marking requirements; (4) fuel quality standards, sampling and testing procedures; (5) inspection procedures for equipment suitability and safety; (6) training of officials and service companies; and (7) education of all stakeholders on hydrogen measurement. These standards ensure the accuracy of commercial hydrogen measurements, enhance consumer protection, foster fair competition, and facilitate economic growth and trade.


Analysis and work plan
Draft device standards*
Comparison of draft standard* to corresponding international standards


Field trials of draft standard*
Draft test procedures* for devices
Draft method of sale regulations
Draft quality regulations
Proposals to introduce or modify corresponding international standards


Field trials of draft test procedures*
Training for test and inspection of devices*
Draft sampling and laboratory procedures*


Final device standard and test procedures*
Final method of sale and quality regulation*
Final sampling and laboratory testing*
Training seminars on implementing standards and testing*
Draft type evaluation criteria*

Draft standard for devices delivering gaseous blends


Training seminars on implementing standards and procedures*
Review and revision of device and quality standards*
Finalize type evaluation criteria and dispenser training*

Field trials for draft standard for gaseous blend devices
Draft test procedures for gaseous blend devices
Draft sampling and laboratory test procedures for gaseous blend devices
Draft device test procedures for liquid hydrogen

*Currently, the U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) for the Development of Commercial Hydrogen Measurement Standards recognizes various forms hydrogen. However, the USNWG agreed to initially work on standards and test procedures for gaseous hydrogen applications because of predominant use of this form of hydrogen to fuel prototype vehicles and the gas metering technology is further along in its development. The USNWG will address liquid and, if necessary, other applications at a later stage in the process.
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