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NISTIR 7028 Type Evaluation Quality Manual Template

This NISTIR has been compiled as part of its technical support to the U.S. commercial W&M system, NIST Weights and Measures Division created this quality manual template to assist type evaluation laboratories in documenting their quality systems. As such, this quality manual template is specifically designed for type evaluation testing laboratories. The quality manual template is based on ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. Although this manual is not numerically formatted identical to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, the requirements of the standard are addressed in the quality manual. Each Section of the quality manual is cross-reference to the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements so that auditors and others can located where the requirements are addressed in the quality manual.

The U.S. type evaluation laboratories are encouraged to use the template to document their laboratory quality system. Other testing laboratories may also use this template to assist them in their quality system.

NISTIR5802 Quality Manual Template

The NISTIR 5802 "Quality Manual Template" is a sample quality manual that was specifically developed to assist the State metrology laboratories in conforming to ISO/IEC Guide 25 and ISO 9001 in the early 1990s. It is available below for downloading, but should only be used for archival purposes.

Draft Standard Administrative Procedures

Standard Administrative Procedures were also developed for State metrology laboratories to provide generic administrative procedures specified in the NISTIR 5802 that may be fairly common among the State laboratories. The draft version of the Standard Administrative Procedures is available for download below.

Files Available by Download

The following files are in Word Perfect 6.1 or Word format and may be downloaded using Word Perfect or Word. Be aware that there may be extensive formatting necessary after any conversions.

Note: If this file format is not accessible, one paper copy of this document will be mailed if a request is sent to

  • IR 5802: Quality Manual Template Developed for State Legal Metrology Laboratories
    March, 1996 DOC
  • IR 5802: Draft Standard Administrative Procedures
    July, 1996 DOC | PDF
  • Master List Resources - Externally Generated Metrology Publications
    May, 2007 DOC | PDF
  • Certificate Review Template (February, 2008)
    May, 2007 DOC | PDF
  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2009 Audit Checklist Template "provided with permission by Mark Ruefenacht, Heusser-Neweigh"
    May, 2007 DOC (v. 2003) | DOC (v. 2007)
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