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PML SURF 2010 Projects


PML SURF Students in June 2013.

Research Projects in Physical Sciences

  • Measurement of Neutron Reflectivity from a Silicon Crystal: Preparation for a Neutron Magnetic Dipole Moment Measurement
  • Calibrating Spectrophotometric Standard Stars
  • Temperature-dependent Optical Properties of Semiconductor
  • Colloidal Quantum Dots
  • Measuring Optical Detector Linearity
  • Terahertz Investigation of Dipeptide Nanotubes
  • Theoretical limits of Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors in medical CT as a measure of tumor volume
  • Raman Spectroscopy of Graphene Decorated with Copper Nanoparticles
  • Neutron Imaging of Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Analysis of Marginally Trapped Ultra-Cold Neutrons for a Neutron Lifetime Experiment
  • Working Towards a NIST-Certified Phantom for Computed Tomography
  • Optical Phantoms for Oximetry Studies
  • Calibration of Transition-Edge Sensor (TES) for Applications in Testing Bell's Test of Nonlocal Realism
  • Development of a Point Sensor to Measure Greenhouse Gases Using Novel THz Spectroscopic Techniques
  • Filtering, Processing, and Analysis of "a" Correlation in Neutron Decay Project Data
  • Precision Resistance Measurement Methods Applied to Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
  • Stability of Novel Solitons on a Bosonic Lattice
  • Simulation of High Reflectivity Photonic Crystal Mechanical Resonators
  • Creating a Scanning Laser System for Manipulating Bose-Einstein Condensates
  • Characterizing Anomalies in Retroreflective Sheeting Material Using Goniometric Scanning Techniques
  • Water Calorimetry Using Ultrasonic Interferometry

Research Projects in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Time-Dependent-Dielectric-Breakdown Testing
  • The Effect of Electrolyte Concentration on Poly(ethylene glycol) in Nanopore-based ingemolecule Mass Spectrometry
  • Quartz Tuning Fork Kelvin Force Microscope
  • Development of Resistance Standards in the 1 MΩ to 1 GΩ Range Using Hamon Transfer Methods
  • Transverse Motion of the Main Induction Coil in the Electronic Kilogram Experiment
  • Design and Control of a Bi-Directional Microscopic Robot
  • Electrical Characterization of Soluble Organic Materials
  • Controlling General Purpose Interface Bus-Compliant Instruments Using a JAVA-Implemented Interface
  • Comparison of SiO2 and SiN Substrates for Graphene Devices
  • Determining the Differences in the First Steps of Hyaluronan Mediated Cell Adhesion under Dielectrophoresis Conditions
  • Automating Measurements for High-Voltage, High-Frequency Silicon- Carbide Power Diodes Parameter Extraction Software Tools
  • Optimizing Performance in Next-Generation Factories Equipment Metadata Quality Assurance Tool
  • Obtaining Sensitive Electro Reflectance Spectra for High K Dielectrics



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SURF Program Quick Facts

  • Application Deadline: February 14, 2014
  • Program duration 11 weeks (May 27, 2014 to August 8, 2014)
  • In 2014, fellowships include a $ 5,500 stipend, and travel and housing allowances
  • Applications must be submitted by the school’s academic departments

Physical Sciences

Name: Uwe Arp
Phone: 301-975-3233

Name: C. Cameron Miller
Phone: 301-975-4713

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Name: Joseph Kopanski
Phone: 301-975-2089

Name: Richard Steiner
Phone: 301-975-4226