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James Olthoff

Dr. Olthoff received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Maryland in 1985 in the area of atomic and molecular physics. He then held a two-year appointment at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine before joining the Applied Electrical Measurements Group of NIST in 1987. In 2001 he became the Chief of the Quantum Electrical Metrology (QEM) Division, which is the organization that maintains the fundamental electrical standards for the United States. In 2007, Dr. Olthoff became Deputy Director of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory of NIST. EEEL was responsible for fundamental low and high frequency U.S. electrical standards and research, and provides essential metrology support to the U.S. semiconductor and photoelectronic industries.  As Deputy Director for Measurement Services, Dr. Olthoff is responsible for the oversight of all calibration services at NIST. Dr. Olthoff has published over 120 publications and has co-authored/edited four books.

James Olthoff


Deputy Director
Physical Measurement Laboratory

Phone: 301-975-2220