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by Dylan Williams


"A Prescription for THz Transistor Characterization"
An on-wafer measurement tutorial narrated in Power-Point with embedded references.

Recent Submissions

D.F. Williams, "Traveling Waves and Power Waves," IEEE Microwave Magazine, Dec. 2013.

D.F. Williams, P. Corson, J. Sharma, H. Krishnaswamy, W. Tai, Z. George, D. Ricketts, P. Watson, E. Dacquay, and S. Voinigescu, "Calibration-kit design for millimeter-wave silicon integrated circuits," submitted to IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Tech.

D.F. Williams, A.C. Young, and M. Urteaga, "A prescription for sub-millimeter-wave transistor characterization," submitted to IEEE Trans. Terahertz Sci. and Technol.


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