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Radio-Frequency Electronics Group


The Radio-Frequency Electronics Group conducts theoretical and experimental research to develop basic metrology, special measurement techniques, and measurement standards necessary for advancing both conventional and microcircuit guided-wave technologies; for characterizing active and passive devices and networks; and for providing measurement services for scattering parameters, power, waveform, noise, material properties, and other basic quantities.


High Speed Electronics—This project supports the microwave, telecommunications, computing, and emerging nanoelectronics industries through research and development of high-frequency microwave metrology for …

Advanced Materials Metrology—In this project we measure the fundamental electrical properties of materials from bulk to nanoscale from 1 MHz to 0.3 THz. Understanding the interaction of microwaves with materials and the …

Thermal Noise Metrology—This project develops methods for very accurate measurements of thermal noise and provides support for such measurements in the communications and electronics industries and in other government …

Fundamental Guided Wave Metrology—Radio-frequency (RF) waves and microwaves are involved with almost every facet of everyday life. Radio stations, television, wireless devices, satellite services, weather radar, and many more use …

Advanced High Frequency Devices—The Advanced High Frequency Devices Program develops measurement methods to determine the characteristics of advanced electronics and devices at high frequencies. Relevant high-frequency devices …


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