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High-Frequency Characterization of Planar Transmission Lines and Interconnections

The development of accurate methods for measuring the characteristic impedance of lossy printed transmission lines plays a high-frequency characterization of planar transmission lines and interconnectionscentral role in our work. Early work focused on the measurement of the characteristic impedance of planar microwave transmission lines whose characteristics are dominated by metal loss. This work was instrumental in developing accurate on-wafer measurement methods that correct for the complex and frequency dependent characteristic impedance of planar microwave transmission lines.

Current research focuses on the characterization of transmission lines fabricated on lossy silicon substrates. The results are useful not only for the design of interconnects on silicon, but provide a basis for the development of accurate high-frequency silicon thru-reflect-line calibrations.


References on: On-Wafer Measurement and Calibration, Planar Transmission Line Characterization and Multiconductor Transmission Lines

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