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Time and Frequency Division (688)


Name Position Phone
Chris Oates Acting Chief 303-497-7654
Anne Reidy Administrative Officer 303-497-3149
Carole Cardon Administrative Specialist 303-497-3986
Karen Hansen Lichtfuss Division Office Manager 303-497-3295
Shannon Kelly Administrative Assistant 303-497-7515
Kelsey Light Administrative Assistant 303-497-5398
Petrina Potts Administrative Assistant 303-497-3958


Ion Storage

Name Position Phone
David J. Wineland Group Leader, NIST Fellow 303-497-5286
David Allcock NIST Affiliate 303-497-3433
James C. Bergquist Scientist Emeritus 303-497-5459
Justin Bohnet NIST Affiliate 303-497-4038
John Bollinger Physicist 303-497-5861
Samuel Brewer NIST Affiliate 303-497-6448
Joe Britton NIST Affiliate 303-497-7295
Shaun Burd NIST Affiliate 303-497-5783
Jwo-Sy Chen NIST Affiliate 303-497-4579
James Chou NIST Affiliate 303-497-3987
Shon Cook NIST Affiliate 303-497-4745
Robert Drullinger Physicist 303-497-3183
Stephen Erickson NIST Affiliate 303-497-4446
Kevin Gilmore NIST Affiliate 303-497-4214
Aaron Hankin NIST Affiliate 303-497-3551
David Hume Physicist 303-497-4364
Wayne Itano Scientist Emeritus 303-497-5632
Christoph Kurz NIST Affliate 303-497-5798
Dietrich Leibfried Physicist 303-497-7880
David Leibrandt Physicist 303-497-7292
Katherine McCormick NIST Affiliate 303-497-3534
Daniel Slichter Physicist 303-497-7376
Raghavendra Srinivas NIST Affiliate 303-497-4516
Ting Rei Tan NIST Affiliate 303-497-4149
Susanna Todaro NIST Affiliate 303-497-3845
Yong Wan NIST Affiliate 303-497-4213
Andrew Wilson Physicist 303-497-6144


Time and Frequency Metrology

Name Position Phone
David Howe Group Leader 303-497-3277
Ian Aldridge NIST Affiliate 303-497-5072
Corey Barnes NIST Affiliate 303-497-3517
William Bres Saix NIST Affiliate 303-497-4939
Archita Hati Electronic Engineer 303-497-5629
Danielle Lirette  NIST Affiliate 303-497-3069
Craig Nelson Electronic Engineer 303-497-7961
Lora Nugent-Glandorf NIST Affiliate 303-497-4779


Time and Frequency Services

Name Position Phone
John Lowe Group Leader 303-497-5453
Wayne Hanson NIST Affiliate 303-497-5233
Michael Lombardi IT Specialist 303-497-3212
Andrew Novick Electronic Engineer 303-497-3378


Radio Stations WWV/WWVB

Name Position Phone
Matthew Deutch Leader, Electrical Engineer 303-497-3914
Glenn Nelson Electronic Technician 303-497-3914
Douglas Sutton Electronic Technician 303-497-3914
William Yates Electronic Technician 303-497-3914


Radio Station WWVH

Name Position Phone
Dean Okayama Leader, Electrical Engineer 808-335-4361
Adele Ochinang Secretary 808-335-4361
Chris Fujita Electronic Technician 808-335-4361
Dean Takamatsu Electronic Technician 808-335-4361


Atomic Standards

Name Position Phone
Stefania Romisch Group Leader 303-497-3446
Tom Parker NIST Affiliate 303-497-7881
Bijunath Patla NIST Affiliate 303-497-4082
Trudi Peppler Computer Specialist 303-497-3338
Joshua Savory Physicist 303-497-6023
James Spicer Physical Scientist 303-497-5306
Anna Tiberi NIST Affiliate 303-497-5829
Marc Weiss NIST Affiliate 303-497-3261
Victor Zhang Electrical Engineer 303-497-3977


Primary Frequency Standards

Name Position Phone
Steve Jefferts Project Leader 303-497-7377
Neil Ashby NIST Affiliate 303-497-4395
Stephan Barlow Physicist 303-497-5582
Jon Shirley NIST Affiliate 303-497-3125


Network Synchronization

Name Position Phone
Judah Levine NIST Fellow 303-497-3903
Jian Yao NIST Affiliate 303-497-4721


Optical Frequency Measurements

Name Position Phone
Christopher Oates Group Leader 303-497-7654
Kyle Beloy Physicist 303-497-4112
Travis Briles NIST Affiliate 303-497-6049
Roger Brown Post Doc 303-497-6971
Flavio Caldas da Cruz NIST Affiliate 303-497-6054
Yi-Chen Chuang NIST Affiliate 303-497-7366
Daniel Cole NIST Affiliate 303-497-4685
Scott Diddams NIST Fellow 303-497-7459
Tara Drake NIST Affiliate 303-497-3546
Robert Fasano NIST Affiliate 303-497-5782
Tara Fortier NIST Affiliate 303-497-4686
Richard Fox Physicist 303-497-3478
Daniel Hickstein Post Doc 303-497-6592
Nathan Hinkley NIST Affiliate 303-497-3410
Jeffery Jennings NIST Affiliate 303-497-5515
Andrew Klose Post Doc 303-497-4045
Erin Lamb NIST Affiliate 303-497-4980
Holly Leopardi NIST Affiliate 303-497-4981
Alex Lind NIST Affiliate 303-497-4045
Andrew Ludlow Physicist 303-497-4972
Daniel Maser NIST Affiliate 303-497-6713
William McGrew NIST Affiliate 303-497-6680
Andrew Metcalf NIST Affiliate 303-497-3570
Gianmaria Milani NIST Affiliate 303-497-5072
Daniele Nicolodi NIST Affiliate 303-497-6801
Judith Olson NIST Affiliate 303-497-3167
Scott Papp Physicist 303-497-3822
Franklyn Quinlan Physicist 303-497-4580
Josue Davila Rodriguez NIST Affiliate 303-497-7696
Marco Schioppo NIST Affiliate 303-497-6801
Jeffrey Sherman Physicist 303-497-3511
Jordan Stone NIST Affiliate 303-497-7356
Chaitanya Suddapalli NIST Affiliate 303-497-5062
Ryan Terrien Post Doc 303-497-4336
Wei Zhang NIST Affiliate 303-497-5595


Atomic Devices and Instrumentation

Name Position Phone
John Kitching Group Leader, NIST Fellow 303-497-4083
Argyrios Dellis NIST Affiliate 303-497-4040
Elizabeth Donley Physicist 303-497-5173
Shawn Geller NIST Affiliate 303-497-3826
Tom Heavner Physicist 303-497-5015
Gregory Hoth NIST Affiliate 303-497-4414
Matthew Hummon NIST Affiliate 303-497-4780
Songbai Kang NIST Affiliate 303-497-4877
Svenja Knappe Physicist 303-497-3334
Sean Krzyzewski NIST Affiliate 303-497-5613
Xiachi Liu NIST Affiliate 303-497-4334
Bruno Pelle NIST Affiliate 303-497-4875
Susan Schima NIST Affiliate 303-497-7213
Dong Sheng NIST Affiliate 303-497-4876
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Time and Frequency Division 

General Information:

303-497-3295 Telephone
303-497-6461 FAX

325 Broadway, M/S 847
Boulder, CO 80305


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