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Frequency Comb Spectroscopy


We use optical frequency combs to perform precision spectroscopy in the visible and, more recently, mid-infrared, domains, for rapid, high sensitivity, broadband gas detection.


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Lead Organizational Unit:

Scott Diddams303-497-7845
Andrew Klose303-497-4045
Daniel Maser303-497-6713
Flavio Caldas da Cruz303-497-6054
Gabe Ycas303-497-3177


NRC Postdoc Program

Apply for an NRC postdoc in optical atomic clock or fs-laser frequency comb research. Application deadlines are February 1 and August 1 annually (but inquire well in advance).

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Summer program at NIST-Boulder for undergraduates in science, engineering, and mathematics. The application deadline is February 15 annually.

Postdoctoral, Visiting Scientist, and Graduate Positions

Our Group has periodic openings for Postdoctoral Fellows, Visiting Scientists, and Graduate Students. Please contact us for more information.