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"Best Of" Talks

Presentation on "Phase Noise and Vibration Tolerance in Microwave Oscillators: Needs vs. State-of-the-Art" by D.A. Howe (2006).

Tutorial on "Properties of Oscillator Signals and Measurement Methods" by D.A. Howe, D.W. Allan, and J.A. Barnes.

Presentation on "Relativity in the Global Positioning System" by N. Ashby (2006).

Presentation on "Comparison and Status of Low-noise X-band Oscillator and Amplifier Technologies" by D. A. Howe and A. Hati (2005).

Presentation on "Vibration-induced PM Noise in Oscillators and Studies of Correlation with Vibration Sensors" by D. A. Howe, J. L. Lanfranchi, N. Ashby, L. Cutsinger, C. W. Nelson, A. Hati (2005).

Presentation on "W-band Dual Channel AM/PM Noise Measurement System- An Update" by A. Hati, C.W. Nelson, J.F. Garcia Nava, D.A. Howe, F.L. Walls, H. Ascarrunz, J. Lanfranchi and B. Riddle (2005).

Presentation on "Estimation of Very Long-Term Frequency Stability using a Special-Purpose Statistic" by D.A. Howe (2004).

Presentation on "Noise Figure vs. PM noise Measurements: A Study at Microwave Frequencies" by A. Hati, D. Howe, D. Walker, and F. Walls (2003).

Presentation on "High Spectral Purity Microwave Oscillator Design using Conventional Air-dielectric Cavity" by A. Sen Gupta, D. A. Howe, C. Nelson, A. Hati, F. L. Walls, and J. F. Nava (2003).