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Composition Standards for Compound Semiconductors

Standard reference material (SRM) 2841 is intended for use as a reference standard for analytical methods that measure the composition of thin films, such as electron microprobe analysis (EMPA), photoluminescence (PL), auger electron spectroscopy (AES) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). A unit of SRM 2841 consists of a 3 μm thick epitaxial layer of Al<dx>Ga<d1-x>As, grown on GaAs, with Al mole fraction x, nominally 0.20, certified by NIST to within an expanded uncertainty of 0.002 atomic mole fraction or less. The semiconductor piece is approximately 1 cm2 and is mounted to a stainless steel disk (for labeling and handling) by the use of adhesive carbon tape. To order, go to the SRM 2841 Materials Details page.

NIST also offers units of SRM 2842 with Al mole fraction near 0.30. To order, go to the SRM 2842 Materials Details page.

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NIST SRM 2841 Semiconductor Thin Film Composition