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Molecular and BioPhotonics research lies at the intersection of physics, chemistry, engineering, and life sciences. Photonic techniques where light is used to image, detect, and manipulate molecules and biomolecules are used to establish the optical measurement science, modeling, and simulation tools to enable the characterization and control of molecular systems. The ability to measure and quantify molecular systems is critical to realizing many applications in medicine, energy, and the environment.

The group's research effort focuses on the development of the following:

  • Development of new optical methods using spectroscopy and microscopy for enhanced detection of molecules and biomolecules;
  • Advancing the understanding of the interaction between biological systems and photons;
  • Diagnostic and clinical standards for validating the efficacy of biophotonics-based applications and understanding the fundamental physics underlying new biophotonics-based therapeutic techniques; and
  • Measurement standards for improving manufacturing quality and promoting acceptance of biophotonics technology

THz Detection of Corrosion Products— The major cause of deteriorating concrete in the infrastructure is corrosion of the reinforcing steel. This is the major mechanism of deterioration of steel used in other applications as well. At …

Differential Absorption LIDAR—We are developing a method for accurately quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from natural and anthropogenic sources and sinks to meet the requirements for local, national, and …

Measurement Techniques for Membranes and Membrane Proteins—Synthetic cell membrane constructs allow the simplification and complete control of a more complicated cellular system, as well as the incorporation of selected elements under physiological …

Optical Medical Imaging—The Optical Medical Imaging program was established to advance the application of optical imaging in surgical, clinical, and medical practices. Our goal is develop standards and measurement quality …

Nano-biophotonics for molecular imaging—Biophotonics is at the intersection of photonics and biology where light is used to image, detect, and manipulate biological materials. This project addresses several factors that are critical for …

State-resolved Biomolecular Spectroscopies—Sensitive and fully state resolved spectroscopic methods in the terahertz (THz) and ultraviolet (UV) regions are being developed to investigate the structure and dynamics of biomolecules including …

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Quantum Electronics and Photonics Division
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Molecular and BioPhotonics Project
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