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Optoelectronic Manufacturing Group


The Optoelectronic Manufacturing Group develops and provides advanced measurement technology, methodology, and test structures to support the efficient manufacture and characterization of optoelectronic components. The Group also develops new photonic devices in support of NIST and other government programs. Two major focus areas are compound semiconductor nanotechnology and quantum information.


Super-Continuum Laser Solar Simulator—This research leverages a new laser technology, the super-continuum laser, to produce a programmable solar simulator that can rapidly configure to match nearly any solar spectral condition.

Terahertz Imaging and Sources—Imaging in the terahertz frequency range enables the detection of concealed weapons and other contraband (e.g., explosives under clothing) without the use of ionizing radiation. Spectroscopy in …

Single Photonics and Quantum Information—Quantum-based communication and measurement systems that use novel quantum states of light are being developed around the world. However, the technologies to generate, manipulate, and detect these …

Nanostructure Fabrication and Metrology—Single photons are the fundamental particles for all optical measurements. Single photon detectors made from avalanche photodiodes or photomultiplier tubes are commercially available for …

Metrology and Synthesis of 3D Nanostructures—Nanostructures are a critical component of innovations in electronics, energy conservation, renewable energy, biomedical research, and health care.  We develop and demonstrate metrology techniques …

These plots of electric field values indicate how closely the Schrodinger quantum cat states (left) compare with theoretical predictions (right). (Credit: Gerrits/NIST)

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