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Quantum Devices Staff

Name Position Phone
David Rudman Group Leader, Physicist 303-497-5081
Judy Beaudry Administrative Assistant 303-497-5810
Maggie Crews Physical Science Technician 303-497-5049
Vickie Alexander Systems Administrator 303-497-6412
Robert Schwall Physicist 303-497-4732
Maureen Teichmann Administrative Assistant 303-497-6100

Boulder MicroFabrication Facility

Name Position Phone
John Nibarger Facility Manager 303-497-4575
Norman Bergren Electronic Technician 303-497-5344
Fabio da Silva Physicist 303-497-3873
Jonathan Koch Electronic Engineer 303-497-7064

Quantum Information & Measurements Project

Name Position Phone
Jose Aumentado Project Leader 303-497-4137
Manuel C. Beltran Physicist 303-497-4905
Katarina Cicak Physicist 303-497-4606
Jeremy Clark Physicist 303-497-5959
Shlomi Kotler Physicist 303-497-3945
Florent Lecocq Physicist 303-497-3284
Leonardo Ranzani Physicist 303-497-5243
Ray Simmonds Physicist 303-497-4403
Adam Sirois Physicist 303-497-4772
John Teufel Physicist 303-497-5039

Quantum Materials and Devices Project

Name Position Phone
David Pappas Project Leader 303-497-3374
Dustin Hite Physicist 303-497-4838
Kyle McKay Physicist 303-497-6298
Michael Vissers Physicist 303-497-5623

Quantum Sensors Project

Name Position Phone
Joel Ullom Project Leader 303-497-4408
James Beall Electronic Engineer 303-497-5989
Daniel Becker Physicist 303-497-6824
Doug Bennett Physicist 303-497-5895
Edward Denison Chemist 303-497-4677
William (Randy) Doriese Physicist 303-497-4463
Shannon Duff Physicist 303-497-7879
Susan (Lisa) Ferreira Physical Science Technician 303-497-4391
Colin Fitzgerald Physicist 303-497-7024
Joseph Fowler Physicist 303-497-3990
Jiansong Gao Physicist 303-497-3021
Jonathon Gard NIST Affiliate 303-497-4284
James Hays-Wehle Physicist 303-497-3758
Gene Hilton Physicist 303-497-5679
Johannes Hubmayr Physicist 303-497-6164
Young IL Joe Physicist 303-497-4120
Vincent Kotsubo Physicist 303-497-4164
Dale Li Physicist 303-497-6886
Peter Lowell Physicist 303-497-6934
John (Ben) Mates Physicist 303-497-4834
Galen O'Neil Physicist 303-497-4794
Carl Reintsema Electronic Engineer 303-497-5052
Daniel Schmidt Physicist 303-497-4743
Daniel Swetz Physicist 303-497-3389
Hideyuki Tatsuno Physicist 303-497-3972
Leila Vale Electronic Engineer 303-497-5121
Jeffrey Van Lanen Physical Science Technician
Yiwen Wang Physicist 303-497-6256
Brandon Wilson Mechanical Engineer 303-497-4058
Xiaohang Zhang Physicist 303-497-4765

Quantum Voltage Project

Name Position Phone
Samuel Benz Project Leader, NIST Fellow 303-497-5258
Charlie Burroughs Electronic Engineer 303-497-3906
Paul Dresselhaus Physicist 303-497-5211
Nathan Flowers-Jacobs Physicist 303-497-3509
Anna Fox Physicist 303-497-5984
Peter Hopkins Physicist 303-497-4696
David Olaya Physicist 303-497-6693
Alessio Pollarolo Electronic Engineer 303-497-6128
Horst Rogalla Physicist 303-497-4419
Alain Rufenacht Physicist 303-497-3934
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Physical Measurement Laboratory

Quantum Electronics and Photonics Division

Robert Hickernell, Division Chief


General Information:

Division Office Administrator: Mary Gorman
303-497-4384 Telephone
303-497-7671 FAX

Mail Stop 815.00
Boulder, CO 80305


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