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Sources and Detectors Group

Name Position Phone
John Lehman Group Leader, Physicist
Michelle Cordova
Administrative Assistant

Fiber Sources and Applications Project

Name Position Phone
Nathan Newbury
Project Leader
Esther Baumann
Physicist 303-497-3789
Ian Coddington
Physicist 303-497-4889
Fabrizio Giorgetta
Physicist 303-497-4010
Torrey Hayden
NIST Affiliate 303-497-7837
Isaac Khader
Physicist 303-497-5990
Greg Rieker
NIST Affiliate 303-497-7837
Paul Schroeder
Mechanical Engineer 303-497-4190
Laura Sinclair
Physicist 303-497-5050
Gar Wing Truong
Physicist 303-497-4751
William Swann
Physicist 303-497-7381

Laser Radiometry Project

Name Position Phone
John Lehman
Project Leader, Physicist 303-497-3654
Chris Cromer
Physicist 303-497-5620
Josh Hadler
Physicist 303-497-4451
David Livigni
Electronic Engineer 303-497-5898
Ingmar Mueller
Physicist 303-497-6350
TC Shen
Physicist 303-497-3208
Brian Simonds
Physicist 303-497-3270
Nathan Tomlin
Physicist 303-497-4576
Igor Vayshenker
Electronic Engineer 303-497-3394
Malcolm White
Physicist 303-497-6094
Paul Williams
Physicist 303-497-3805
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Physical Measurement Laboratory

Quantum Electronics and Photonics Division
Marla Dowell, Division Chief


General Information:

Division Office Administrator: Mary Gorman
303-497-4384 Telephone
303-497-7671 FAX

Mail Stop 815.00
Boulder, CO 80305


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