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August 2014:
EUV calibrations for satellite sensors

Scale-model smokestack to study GHG emissions monitoring
July 2014:
Fill 'er up: NIST develops prototype meter test for hydrogen refueling stations

Seeing your true colors: Standards for hyperspectral imaging
April 2014:
PML's Ohno receives first "SSL Visionary Award"
November 2013:
To improve GHG emissions monitoring, PML gets the flue
August 2013:
LEDs get a life sentence
July 2013:
New NIST standard reference material to help calibrate hospital CAT scanners

Making the case for history
May 2013:
In natural gas pipelines, NIST goes with the flow

Chojnacky recognized for her work on vaccine storage
April 2013:
Seeing the oceans in their true colors
January 2013:
Solid state lighting program produces solid benefits

Ultraviolet water treatment
December 2012:
NIST quality system for measurement services gains recognition within the Interamerican Metrology System (SIM)
August 2012:
PML goes to Mars: Far-out thermal calibration
June 2012:
NIST effort could improve high-tech medical scanners

NIST launches new website to educate industry about alternatives to mercury thermometers
May 2012:
New point for dew point

New vacuum calibration system: Better, faster, and cheaper

Beaming up on the way to space

Petroleum volume: Getting calibrations in the can
April 2012:
Hyperspectral imaging: Shedding new light on wound healing

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*Formerly known as Optical Technology Division


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PML technician Sherry Sheckels uses a flashlight and magnification loupe to take exact water-level measurements on a stainless steel container.


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