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Workshop on Homeland Security Standards

On April 29-30, 2010, NIST hosted an ANSI Homeland Security Standards Panel (ANSI-HSSP) workshop on “Standards for Non-Invasive Inspection Systems for Homeland Security” to address the standards and conformity assessment needs for noninvasive explosives detection encompassing ionizing radiation, nonionizing radiation, metal detectors, and automated target recognition for the security screening of persons, luggage, cargo containers, and vehicles. The event was co-chaired by Lee Spanier of the Transportation Security Laboratory and Larry Hudson of Ionizing Radiation Division. It was attended by 150 persons from 66 organizations, including industrial concerns, government agencies, DOE national laboratories, international partners, and standards development organizations.

George Zarur, Science Advisor for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Robert Pryor, Co-Chair of the Explosives Standards Working Group (both within DHS), gave keynote addresses. Panel discussions over the following two days covered ionizing radiation (X-ray and gamma ray) technology standards, nonionizing (millimeter wave and passive infrared) technology standards, metal detector standards, automated target recognition software, and coordination between the public sector and standards developing organizations.

A final session summarized the dozens of needs that had been identified within the workshop scope, and participants volunteered for follow-up working groups to fill the gaps. A workshop report will be posted at the ANSI Web site.

The event concluded with tours of three NIST labs: Optical Radiation Standards for Detection of Hidden Threats (Optical Technology Division, PL), Metal Detector Laboratory (OLES), and National X-Ray Standards for Bulk-Explosives Detection (Ionizing Radiation Division, PL).

For further information about the workshop, see ANSI-HSSP workshop details standards needs for non-invasive inspection systems.

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