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NIST quality system for measurement services gains recognition within the Interamerican Metrology System (SIM)

The Sistema Interamericano de Metrologia (SIM-Spanish for Interamerican Metrology System) Quality System Task Force (QSTF) met Nov. 6-7, 2012, in San Jose, Costa Rica. SIM is the regional metrology organization for the Americas of the Committee of International Weights and Measures (CIPM). The SIM QSTF, which is comprised of representatives from the SIM countries that also are signatories to the CIPM mutual recognition arrangement (MRA), has the responsibility for reviewing and determining that quality systems from National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) such as NIST fulfill the terms of the CIPM MRA.

Sally Bruce, NIST Quality Manager and the US representative to the SIM QSTF, presented the quality system for calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) in photometry and radiometry—as implemented by the Sensor Science Division—to the QSTF. Members of the task force reviewed and approved the NIST quality management system of this division for the measurement services in photometry and radiometry. QSTF review is a necessary step for approval of the NMI’s competence in the measurement areas under the CIPM MRA.

The process of implementing the CIPM MRA calls for demonstrations of competence by NMIs through international comparisons of measurement capabilities accompanied by the use of acceptable quality systems and practices. Statements of the calibration and measurement capabilities of each NMI are issued in a database made publicly available on the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) website.

The database is used as a tool for laboratory assessors in assisting them in determining the validity of measurement uncertainty claims and measurement traceability routes back to the SI. The listed capabilities are an integral component to the network of over 40,000 accredited laboratories worldwide.

Based on the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, and meeting the relevant requirements of ISO Guide 34, General Requirements for the Competence of Reference Material Producers, NIST’s quality system has been developed by and for the organizations within NIST that provide measurement services. The NIST Quality System for Measurement Services covers the provision of both calibrations and reference materials.

For additional information about the quality system for NIST's Measurement Services, visit the website NIST Quality System.

CONTACT: Sally Bruce (ADLP), ext. 2323

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