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Antti Lignell

Research Interests

  • Spectroscopy of Chemical, Physical, and Biochemical Processes in Condensed Phases (Optical Spectroscopy from far-IR to VUV region and Mass Spectrometry)
  • Photochemistry/-physics
  • Intermolecular Interactions and Complex/Nano-cluster Formation
  • Dynamics and Tunneling Reactions in Condensed Phases
  • Astrochemistry and Astrobiology, Origins of Life
  • Atmospheric Chemistry in Ice Particles
  • Frontiers of Chemical Reactivity
  • Synchrotron Radiation Assisted Research
  • First-Principle Calculations and Molecular-Dynamic Simulations to Support Experimental Observations


Guest Researcher
Electron and Optical Physics Division
Far Ultraviolet Physics Group

Employment History:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory , California Institute of Technology 2008-Present

NIST Electron & Optical Physics Division, Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility SURF III 2008-Present

Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland 2006-2008


Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2008

M.Sc., Physical Chemistry, Minors in Physics, Mathematics, and Theoretical Physics, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2003


Phone: (818) 203-3295
Fax: (818) 393-4445