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For many years, NIST has offered detector standards in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region. These detectors find use in many diverse applications including astronomy, solar physics, space science, and plasma diagnostics. NIST calibrated transfer standard detectors are available covering the spectral range from 5 nm to 254 nm. These detectors are chosen for their high stability (both long term and under radiation exposure) and spatial uniformity of response. In the magnesium fluoride window region (116 nm to 254 nm), standard detectors are cesium telluride photoemissive photodcathodes deposited onto a magnesium fluoride window. Standard detectors at shorter wavelengths (5 nm to 122 nm) are windowless aluminum oxide photoemissive photodetectors. Additionally, specially processed silicon solid state photodiodes are available from NIST in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region (5 nm to 254 nm). Some other types of detectors can be calibrated by special arrangement.


Ordering Information and Fees


Inquiries and orders for vacuum ultraviolet detector calibrations should be directed to Rob Vest.

All fee schedules are effective 19 Jan 2012. Additional tests in the vacuum ultraviolet (5 nm to 254 nm) will be billed at cost under test number 40599S.

Fee Schedule for NIST Vacuum UV Transfer Standard Photodiodes:

  • CsTe Windowed Photoemissive Detectors (116 nm to 254 nm)
  • Al2O3 Windowless Photoemissive Detectors (5 nm to 122 nm)
  • Si Windowless Solid State Detectors (5 nm to 254 nm)
  • Fee sheet for all detectors (PDF).


Photodiodes being returned to NIST for recalibration must be removed from user fixtures prior to shipment to NIST.

U.S. Orders: Fees are FOB destination (UPS ground). Terms are net 30.

Foreign Orders: It is NIST policy that orders originating from outside the U.S. be paid in advance. The NIST Calibration Program provides information about and makes arrangements for prepayment. Foreign orders will be shipped via air freight. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.