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Optical Radiation Calibration Services

The following services are offered by the Optical Radiation Group through NIST Calibration Services. Please contact the technical staff prior to submitting instruments or calibration items for calibration.

Photometric measurements (37010C - 37130S)

Various calibration services are available for luminous intensity, total luminous flux, illuminance, luminance, and color temperature. For additional information about our facilities and related research, see Photometry, Solid-state lighting metrology, and Calibration and transfer standard for total spectral radiant flux.

Technical contact: Yuqin Zong


Spectral transmittance and reflectance (38020C - 38061S)

Measurements of regular transmittance and specular or diffuse spectral reflectance are available for submitted calibration items for the spectral region of 250 nm to 2500 nm. For additional information about our measurements and facilities, see Spectrophotometry.

Technical contact: Catherine Cooksey


Spectral responsivity of detectors (39071C - 39100S)

This service provides calibrated silicon detectors and special tests of customer supplied detectors. Spectral responsivity and uniformity measurements are made on photodiodes, detectors, and radiometers from 200 nm to 1.8 µm. Additional information about our services and facilities can be found at Spectral responsivity calibrations.

Technical contact: Jeanne Houston


Special tests of aperture area (39200S)

Measurements of absolute surface area of submitted optical apertures are available for circular, elliptical, and rectangular apertures with edges or diameters from 0.5 mm to 50 mm. Measurements are made using non-contact video microscopy. For additional information about our measurements and facility, see Aperture area measurements.

Technical contact: Maritoni Litorja


Surface color and appearance measurements (38090S - 38130C)

NIST offers measurements of 0°/45° colored samples; 20°, 60°, and 85° specular gloss calibrations; colorimetric characterization of gonioapparent coatings; and calibrated photographic and X ray step tablets. For additional information about our facilities, see Color and appearance.

Technical contact: Maria Nadal

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General Information:
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