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Gregory F. Strouse

Gregory Strouse has been at NIST as a physicist since 1988. Currently, he is the Acting Deputy Director of the Physical Measurement Laboratory and the Group Leader of Thermodynamic Metrology in the PML Sensor Science Division.

As the Group Leader, he oversees research and measurement services that support U.S. industry in the areas of temperature, humidity, pressure, vacuum and leaks. His efforts in these metrology areas significantly impact international work. Additionally, he is responsible for the administrative functions of the PML calibration and measurement services (>90% of NIST). His current supervisory research efforts include NIST on a Chip embedded sensors, cold-chain management for vaccines, dynamic pressure sensors and standards, Johnson noise thermometry, acoustic gas thermometry, realization of the Boltzmann constant, photonic pressure standards and sensors, and development of alternative thermometers. He is recognized as a world‐leading expert in temperature measurement and the realization and dissemination of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS‐90). His efforts in the calibration metrology areas include the design and development of several new world-class facilities including the standard platinum resistance thermometer calibration laboratory, thermocouple calibration laboratory, industrial thermometer calibration laboratory, hybrid humidity calibration laboratory, automated vacuum calibration service and piston gauges.

In a supportive role he involvement includes: NVLAP technical and lead assessor (1990 to present); Ninth International Temperature Symposium on Temperature: Its Measurement and Control in Science and Industry (2012): General Program Chair; Eighth International Temperature Symposium on Temperature: Its Measurement and Control in Science and Industry (2002): Technical editor; Seventh International Temperature Symposium on Temperature: Its Measurement and Control in Science and Industry (1992): Associate editor; IMEKO International Programme Committee TEMPMEKO (2007 to present).

His awards include:

  • NIST Judson C. French (2013): For creating internationally accepted NVLAP proficiency test program that enables U.S. industry to compete in the global marketplace (w/ S. Bruce, M. Chojnacky, K. Garrity, and D. Olson)
  • DoC Silver Medal (2011): For solving vaccine cold‐chain management problems that were rendering nearly two‐thirds of CDC’s vaccine stock ineffective (w/ M. Chojnacky)
  • NIST Safety (2011): For leadership and lasting impact in the campaign to eliminate neurotoxic mercury thermometers from the workplace (w/ C. Cross, W. Miller, and D. Ripple)
  • NIST Bronze Medal (2004): For determining the errors in the ITS‐90 within the industrially significant range from 273 K to 505 K and providing the foundation for a future temperature scale, (w/ D. Ripple)
  • NIST Bronze Medal (2002): For the exceptional leadership in the dissemination of temperature measurements and standards to U.S. industry and establishing international compatibility
  • NIST Measurement Services Award (1994): For work in developing a Standard Reference Material that assists U.S. manufacturers through improved capability in realizing the International Temperature Scale of 1990
  • NIST Allen V. Astin Measurement Science (1994): For producing the internationally recognized reference functions for all standard thermocouples (w/ G. Burns, C. Croarkin, W. Guthrie, and M. Kaeser).

Mr. Strouse has roughly 100 publications, 50 talks, taught a dozen technical courses, and mentored ten guest researchers from other NMIs. He has one U.S. Patent Pending (2013): Photonic thermometer using ring resonators (w/ Z. Ahmed, J. Taylor, and S. Semancik) and one U.S. Patent (2012): Dielectric resonator thermometer and a method of using the same (w/ M. Moldover and D. Ripple), Patent No. US 8,123,399 B2.

His committee efforts include: Consultative Committee on Thermometry (CCT), Delegate (2008 to present); CCT Working Group 8 (WG8): Calibration and Measurement Capabilities, Chair (2004 to present); CCT WG 7: Key Comparisons (2004 to present); CCT WG 1: Defining fixed points and interpolating equations of the ITS‐90 and the dissemination of the kelvin (2011 to present); CCT WG S: Strategy, Chair, (2011 to present); ASTM E20: Temperature Measurement (1992 to 2015); ASTM E20.90: Executive Board, Member at Large (2008 to 2015); ASTM E20.06: New Thermometers and Techniques, Chair (2002‐2015); ASTM E20.07: Fundamentals in Thermometry, Secretary (1999‐2003); ASTM E20.09: Digital Contact Thermometers, Chair (2010 to 2012); NIST Assessment Review Board (2004‐2005; 2012 to present); SIM Metrology Working 3: Temperature, Chair (2001 to 2010); NORAMET Thermometry Working Group Chair (1998‐2001); and IMEKO International Programme Committee TEMPMEKO (2007 to present).

Gregory F. Strouse


Acting Deputy Director / Group Leader
Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) / Sensor Science Division
Thermodynamic Metrology Group

Phone: 301-975-4803
Fax: 301-548-0206