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Peter Huang

Dr. Peter Huang has been conducting the testing and calibrating hygrometers for more than twenty years using the NIST precision humidity generators. He has extensive experience in a variety of commercially available instruments that are used in the measurements of relative humidity and absolute humidity: (1) electric hygrometers; (2) dew- and frost-point hygrometers; (3) electrolytic hygrometers; (4) piezoelectric hygrometers; (5) refractive hygrometers; and (6) spectroscopic hygrometers. Since humidity is a derived unit, he and his colleagues have improved the thermodynamic basis of the calibration standard through first-principles calculation of the gas-water second virial coefficient. Dr. Huang has contributed several ASTM and ASHRAE standards to industry. Recently, he has led regular workshops on high-temperature humidity measurement for hydrogen fuel cells. Dr. Huang is also an active member of the international community working on humidity measurement and standards.


Sensor Science Division
Thermodynamic Metrology Group

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