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Single Electron Coherence


CMOS-compatible Si-based SET quantum dots systems are being fabricated and electrically characterized at low temperature to explore the possibility of quantum coherent manipulation in Si-based technology.


Single electron tunneling (SET) devices have the amazing property that we can measure and control the motion of electrons one-by-one. In addition to forming a possible fundamental limit for classical computing, single electrons also hold the tantalizing possibility of achieving quantum information processing by virtue of their charge or spin coherent properties. We are pursuing CMOS-compatible Si-based SET double quantum dots to explore the possibility of quantum coherent manipulation.

Efforts include:

*Achieving a reliable fabrication process for electrostatically-gated Si-based SET transistors. We are trying to develop a process that yields good uniformity of devices, and also provides high resistance to charge offset drift.

*Investigating quantum coherence based on the charge state of two coupled quantum dots. At present, we have investigated non-coherent charge stability in a double quantum dot.

Start Date:

October 19, 2010

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