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Past News Releases


Alexander Kramida(center)talks with Montgomery College

students Thomas Carpentier(left)and Eric Carpentier(right).


Uses and Users of NIST's Atomic Spectra Database,

The online Atomic Spectra Database
(ASD) provides the most authoritative information
about atomic spectra available anywhere, and it is used
by researchers worldwide. But how wide, exactly,
is that world? What elements and wavelengths are in
highest demand by different groups? And how can the ASD better serve its user community?




Lights, Atoms and Nuclei: The Optical Discovery of Deuterium,

A recent article on the discovery of deuterium and the significance of deuterium
Lamps for calibration, written by Charles W.
Clark and Joseph Reader and published in the
May 2012 issues of Optics & Photonics News
(OPN), the monthly news magazine of the Optical Society of America.

Yong-Ki Kim
Yong-Ki Kim, who joined NIST as a physicist in 1983, died in an automobile accident in September 2006. The Yong-Ki Kim Award for Excellence in Research was established by the family and friends of Yong-Ki to recognize junior scientists working in the areas of atomic structure, spectra, and collisions. The Award was presented at the annual meeting of the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society (DAMOP) in Calgary, Canada in May 2007. The Award Selection Committee consisted of Joseph Reader (Chair), Klaus Bartschat, Charlotte Fischer, Walter Johnson, and Kenneth Taylor. The Award, consisting of $1000 and a plaque, was given to George Noble (York University, Ontario, Canada) for his poster presentation at the DAMOP Meeting, “Isotope Shifts and Fine Structures of 6,7Li D Lines and Determination of Relative Nuclear Charge Radius."



prism spectroscopy



A simulation of the spectrum emitted by an argon plasma
as seen through a prism spectrograph.
This image is the result of a collaboration between
the Atomic Spectroscopy Group and the National Geographic (MG)
Channel and was developed for the MG Channel program
“World’s Toughest Fixes – Giant Telescope,” which aired on October 15, 2008.
Picture Provided by the National Geographic Channel.






  • Atomic Spectroscopy group member Joseph Reader was honored by the Washington Academy of Sciences on May 19, 2009 for his many contributions to the Physical Sciences in general and Atomic Spectroscopy in particular.


AAAS Ralcheko Fellow 2009

  • Atomic Spectroscopy group member Yuri Ralchenko was honored by the American Physical Society in May 2010 for his significant contributions to the relativistic theory of highly-charged ions and collisional-radiative modeling, and through creation of online codes and databases for the atomic physics community.