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Jean Sansonetti


Research Interests

Jean has recently completed compilations of spectroscopic data for all ionization stages of cesium and rubidium, as well as a summary of all available data on the first spectra of sixteen isotopes of francium. She also maintains the database for the Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data, which contains over 11,600 transitions for the first and second spectra of all elements from H to Es. In addition it has low lying energy levels and ionization energies for the spectra, information about naturally occurring isotopes, and transition probabilities (where available) for about 2500 of the most persistent lines. The Handbook is published as a downloadable e-book, a web-accessible database, and a journal issue to be published in December 2005. Future compilations planned include available information about transitions, energy levels, and transition probabilities for all ionization stages of sodium and potassium.





Publication List





Atomic Spectroscopy

Employment History:


  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, Contractor, 1996-present
  • Home & Hospital Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools 1991-2002



  • Purdue University, Ph.D. Physics, 1979
        Thesis Title: Microwave Magnetoplasma Effects in Semiconductor Powders    and Arrays of Spheres
  • Purdue University, M.S. Physics, 1974
  • Albright College, B.S. Physics, 1972

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