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Colleen E. Hood

Ms. Hood is an electronics engineer in the Microelectronics Device Integration Group (683.05) in the Semiconductor & Dimensional Metrology Division (683) of the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Ms. Hood operated CAD systems from 1981 and managed the Semiconductor Electronics Division CAD facility including the system administration of the CAD network from 1991 through 2002 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD. Her experience includes Unix and C and was the technical advisor for mask procurement.

Currently, she is the expert in virtual instrument computer control of semiconductor device test systems, semiconductor CAD simulation tools, software engineering, programming languages, computer system architecture, and computer applications for the Power Device and Thermal Metrology Project of the Enabling Devices and Integrated Circuits Group within the Semiconductor Electronics Division. She designs measurement systems with intuitive user interface and procedures that perform according to specifications and minimizes error for both operator and measurement testing. She also designs visual interfaces to define experiments, analyze, and view the results. She also develops and maintains advanced computer controlled semiconductor device test systems using virtual instruments software and develops programs for simulation of device behavior which includes writing code to control instruments such as wafer probers, pulsers, oscilloscopes, source meters, and temperature controllers.

Colleen E. Hood


Electronics Engineer
Semiconductor & Dimensional Metrology Division
Microelectronics Device Integration Group


B.S. degree in Computer and Information Science from The University of Maryland University College, College Park, Maryland in 1998


Phone: 301-975-2236