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Staff Listing

Name Position Phone
Dr. Curt A. Richter Leader, Physicist 301-975-2082
Terri Kroft Group Office Manager, Secretary 301-975-2052
Adam Barito Post Doc 301-975-2060
Adam Biacchi Post Doc 301-975-8241
Emily Bittle Physicist 301-975-6298
Dr. David J. Gundlach Electrical Engineer 301-975-2048
Dr. Christina A. Hacker Research Chemist 301-975-2233
Joseph Hagmann Post Doc 301-975-8728
Angela Hight Walker Physical Scientist 301-975-5853
Oleg A. Kirillov Electrical Engineer 301-975-2087
Dr. Nhan V. Nguyen Physicist 301-975-2044
Sujitra Pookpanratana Physicist 301-975-2082
Erin Wood Post Doc 301-975-3577

Associate Listing

Name Position Phone
Akin Akturk Guest Researcher 301-975-2053
Mark Bailey Guest Researcher 301-975-8568
James Basham Guest Researcher 301-975-2095
Ashwin Bhirde Off-site
Guangjun Chen Guest Researcher 301-975-5209
Sugata Chowdhury Guest Researcher 301-975-3577
Benjamin Derby Guest Researcher 301-975-4798
Justin Goh Guest Researcher 301-975-2044
John Heddleston Guest Researcher 301-975-2155
Hyuk-Jae Jang Guest Researcher 301-975-3377
Jana Kalbacova Guest Researcher 301-975-8599
Tyler Klarr Guest Researcher
Thomas LaBean Guest Researcher
Son Le Guest Researcher 301-975-2238
Qiliang Li Guest Researcher 301-975-3241
Amber McCreary Guest Researcher 301-975-2155
Padraig Moloney Off-site
Quo Ngo Off-site
Yanmei Piao Guest Researcher 301-975-8741
Danilo Romero Guest Researcher 301-975-3577
Debdulal Roy Guest Researcher 301-975-3577
Jeff Simpson Guest Researcher 301-975-8599
Rachel Stephenson Guest Researcher 301-975-4798
Michael Watson Guest Researcher
Sheng Yu Guest Researcher 301-975-2052

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML)
Engineering Physics Division

CMOS Reliability and Advanced Devices Group
Dr. Curt A. Richter, Leader

General Information:
Terri Kroft, Secretary
301-975-2052 Telephone
301-975-5668 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8120
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8120