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Nanoelectronics Group


The Nanoelectronics Group conducts basic research to advance the optical and electrical measurement science infrastructure necessary for innovation in future nanoelectronic and thin-film devices, and their component materials. The Group pushes the frontiers of optical spectroscopies (e.g., Raman spectroscopy, spectroscopic ellipsometry, and infrared spectroscopy) and electrical measurements (e.g., magnetotransport, nanoelectronic test structure development, and temperature dependent current-voltage spectroscopy). The Group develops and advances novel measurements that combine and correlate optical and electrical methods such as internal photoemission, magneto-optical spectroscopy, and transient photocurrent spectroscopy. This new metrology supports the measurement and standards needs of the electronics, semiconductor, energy, health, defense, and other industries.

Nanoelectronics Group


Nanoelectronic Device Metrology—The Nanoelectronic Device Metrology (NEDM) project is developing the measurement science infrastructure that will enable emerging nanoelectronic information processing technologies – including …

Optical Spectroscopy of Nanostructures—Understanding the underlying chemistry and physics of nanomaterials, including noble and transition metallic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, and graphene is the driver. While the tool of choice …

Thin Film Electronics—The Thin Film Electronics Project facilitates the commercialization of emerging and future semiconductor electronic device technologies by tailoring existing measurements, establishing new …

Curt Richter, photo copyright Robert Rathe

Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML)
Semiconductor & Dimensional Metrology Division

Nanoelectronics Group
Dr. Curt Richter, Leader

General Information:
Terri Kroft, Office Manager
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