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Research Activities

The Dimensional Metrology Group (683.01) conducts research to lower the uncertainty of our calibrations, to develop new measurement technology, and to advance national and international standards. The group actively collaborates with universities, other national laboratories, and industrial partners.

Current Research Activities

Fundamental aspects of measurement uncertainty

  • Pioneer research in traceability and uncertainty
  • Research in support of ASME and ISO documents as well as the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)
  • Papers: Measurement Uncertainty
Fundamental aspects of measurement uncertainty.

Laser tracker and scanner volumetric performance and evaluation

Laser tracker and scanner volumetric performance and evaluation.

Artifacts for coordinate metrology systems performance

  • Working with industry to develop large, deployable artifacts
  • Developing new class of inexpensive 1-D and 2-D gauges for CMM performance evaluation
  • Papers: Artifacts for CMM Evaluation
Artifacts for coordinate metrology systems performance.

Sixty meter tape tunnel

  • Reducing uncertainty for 60 meter test range
  • Developing methods and procedures for establishing 60 m long 1½-D coordinate artifacts for evaluating prototype coordinate measuring systems
  • Papers: Tape Tunnel
Sixty meter tape tunnel.
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