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Radiation Physics, Division Staff

Name Position Phone
Lisa R. Karam Division Chief 301-975-5561
Wanda M. Lease Division Secretary 301-975-5524
Edwin J. Heilweil Physicist 301-975-2370
Brian Alberding Physicist/Postdoc 301-975-8976


Name Position Phone
Randall S. Caswell Physicist 301-975-5525

Dosimetry Group Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Bateman, Fred
Physicist 301-975-5580
Bergstrom, Paul
Physicist 301-975-5567
Copeland, Diana
Group Secretary
Cumberland, Lonnie
Desrosiers, Marc
Research Chemist
Eardley, David
Electronic Technician
Hudson, Lawrence Physicist 301-975-2537
McClelland, Melvin
Electronic Technician
Minniti, Ronaldo
Physicist 301-975-5586
Mitch, Michael Physicist/Leader 301-975-5491
O'Brien, Michelle Physicist 301-975-2014
Tosh, Ronald
Walia, Jason
Physicist 301-975-5592


Name Sponsor Phone
Al-Sheikhly, Mohamad
Univ. of Maryland
Morehouse, Kim
US Food and Drug Admin.
Seltzer, Stephen
Self 301-975-5552
Soares, Christopher
Self 301-975-5589

Neutron Physics Group, Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Arif, Muhammad Physicist/Group Leader 301-975-6303
Baltic, Elias Engineering Technician 301-975-4842
Dewey, Maynard (Scott) Physicist 301-975-4843
Gentile, Thomas Physicist 301-975-5431
Huber, Michael Physicist 301-975-5641
Hussey, Daniel Physicist 301-975-6465
Jacobson, David Physicist 301-975-6207
Mumm, Hans (Pieter) Physicist 301-975-8355
Neviaser, Martha Group Secretary 301-975-6200
Nico, Jeffrey Physicist 301-975-4663
Shankle, Robert Engineering Technician 301-975-6185
Thompson, Alan Physicist 301-975-4666


Name Sponsor Phone
Beise, Elizabeth University of Maryland 301-405-6109
Breuer, Herbert University of Maryland 301-975-8520
Carlson, Allan Self 301-975-5570
Eisenhauer, Charles Self 301-975-6204
Gagliardo, Jeffrey General Motors Corporation 301-975-6247
Gilliam, David Self 301-975-6206
Grundl, James Self 301-975-6201
Heimbach, Craig Self 301-975-8874
Huffman, Paul North Carolina State University 301-975-8520
Jones, Gordon Hamilton College 315-859-4697
Komives, Alexander Depauw University 765-658-4657
LaManna, Jacob Postdoctoral Research Associate 301-975-6809
Mendenhall, Michael Postdoctoral Research Associate 301-975-5761
Schrack, Roald Self 301-975-5569
Werner, Samuel Self 301-975-3732
Wietfeldt, Fred Tulane University 301-975-6204
Yue, Andrew Postdoctoral Research Associate

Radioactivity Group, Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Bergeron, Denis Chemist 301-975-2282
Cessna, Jeffrey Physicist 301-975-5539
Chen-Mayer, Heather Physicist 301-975-5595
Collé, Ronald Chemist 301-975-6149
Essex, Richard Physical Scientist 301-975-5541
Fitzgerald, Ryan Physicist 301-975-5597
King, Lynne Physical Scientist 301-975-5544
LaRosa, Jerome Chemist 301-975-8333
Laureano-Pérez, Lizbeth Chemical Engineer 301-975-8797
Lucas, Larry Chemist 301-975-5533
Mann, Jacqueline Physical Scientist 301-975-4472
Norman, Bruce Physical Scientist 301-975-5693
Nour, Svetlana Research Chemist 301-975-4927
Payne, Jody Group Secretary 301-975-5530
Pibida, Leticia Physicist 301-975-5538
Sallaska, Anne Physicist 301-975-8464
Stann, Janet Physical Science Technician 301-975-5546
Tyra, Mark Physical Scientist 301-975-5054
Unterweger, Michael
Supervisory Physicist/Group Leader
Zimmerman, Brian Physicist 301-975-4338


Name Position Phone
Golas, Daniel Guest Researcher 301-975-5564
Regits, Willie Guest Researcher 301-975-5540
Neal, Khyra Guest Researcher 301-975-5255
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301-869-7682 Facsimile

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