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Quality System Revisions in Progress

This page contains unofficial/uncontrolled documents for the sole purpose of RBPD staff file sharing and review during the revisions phase of the RBPD Quality System development.  The official RBPD Quality System website can be found through this link.



  • Reference documents on the right are the current MS Word docs
  • Download, edit (with Tracked Changes on!), rename the file, then e-mail to Marc
  • Draft versions will be posted below for review
  • Reviewers should direct all comments to Marc


Drafts Currently Under Revision:

Assessment response summary (final)

Approved by Division Chief:

IRD QM-II v6.20 final

Guide 08 v2.10 final

Guide 12 v3.10 final

Procedure 01 v3.01 final

Procedure 02 v4.01 final

Procedure 03 v3.01 final

Procedure 04 v4.01 final

Procedure 05 v3.01 final

Procedure 06 v3.01 final

Procedure 07 v3.01 final

Procedure 08 v3.01 final

Procedure 09 v2.01 final

Procedure 10 v2.01 final

Procedure 11 v4.01 final

Procedure 12 v4.01 final

Procedure 13 v4.01 final

Procedure 14 v3.01 final

Procedure 15 v3.01 final

Procedure 16 v3.01 final

Versions with tracking on:

QM-II v6.20 Draft 09 LK

Guide 08 v2.10 Draft 02 LK

Guide 12 v3.10 Draft 04 LK

Procedure 01 v3.01 Draft 03 LK

Procedure 02 v4.01 Draft 02 LK

Procedure 03 v3.01 Draft 05 LK

Procedure 04 v4.01 Draft 06 LK

Procedure 05 v3.01 Draft 05 LK

Procedure 06 v3.01 Draft 05 LK

Procedure 07 v3.01 Draft 05 LK

Procedure 08 v3.01 Draft 04 LK

Procedure 09 v2.01 Draft 06 LK

Procedure 10 v2.01 Draft 04 LK

Procedure 11 v4.01 Draft 04 LK

Procedure 12 v4.01 Draft 04 LK

Procedure 13 v4.01 Draft 03 LK

Procedure 14 v3.01 Draft 06 LK

Procedure 15 v3.01 Draft 04 LK

Procedure 16 v3.01 Draft 04 LK


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Reference Documents for Download/Editing