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Nico, Jeffrey S.

Research Interests:

My research interests have centered around studies fundamental physics using neutrons and the field of neutron detection and dosimetry. In particular, I have been involved in experiments to measure the neutron lifetime, the time-reversal violating D coefficient, and radiative neutron decay. I am also interested in hadronic parity violation and am a collaborator in an experiment to measure the spin rotation of polarized neutrons in a liquid helium target. I have a continued interest in neutrino physics and have been a collaborator in the SAGE solar neutrino experiment since 1991. I work in the field of neutron standards and dosimetry and help to maintain neutron fields with thermal and fast neutrons at NIST. I collaborate in efforts to improve the detection and spectroscopy of fast neutrons.


 ″ Member American Physical Society (Division of Nuclear Physics, Topical Group   on Precision Measurements and Fundamental Constants, and Topical Group on few-body systems).

″ Member American Association for the Advancement of Science (2002-present)

″ Member Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS)

″ Physical Review C Editorial Board

″ Fellow of the American Physical Society

″ University of Maryland Affiliate



Radiation and Biomulecular Physics Division
Neutron Physics Group

Employment History:

1994 - present: Physicist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

1991-1994: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Physics, Los Alamos National Laboratory

1991: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Physics, The University of Michigan


Ph.D. in Physics, The University of Michigan, 1991


Phone: 301-975-4663
Fax: 301-926-1604