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New Calibration Service for 14 MeV Neutron Generators


A new calibration service for 14 MeV neutron generators is being developed.  The calibrations may be done at NIST or at a customer site, by activation of a standardized aluminum ring, with NaI gamma-ray spectrometry on the activated ring at NIST.  


We plan to provide a needed calibration service for the many 14 MeV neutron generators now being employed for Homeland Security and industrial applications. A summary of the new NIST capabilities was presented at the 21st International Conference on the Application of Acclelerators in Research and Industry.

A survey of techniques was done to investigate providing calibration services for 2.5 MeV neutrons, but  no NIST capability is currently in place. These generators, using the deuterium-deuterium reaction, are of some interest as they allow facilities access to neutrons without special nuclear material or tritium. They also produce no neutrons when turned off, as opposed to isotopic sources.

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