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Spectrometry of X-ray Beams Used for Calibrations


Spectrometry measurements in the x-ray calibration ranges have been undertaken using a high-resolution HPGe detector both in the direct beam and at 90 % using a Compton-scatter spectrometer.


Pulse-height distributions were obtained for all the NIST and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) beams produced by the NIST 100 keV and 300 keV x-ray generators, and have been unfolded and are in the process of being tabulated. This was performed for a number of narrow-spectrum beam qualities (shown below) and used to calibrate a wavelength-dispersive crystal x-ray spectrograph used by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to diagnose laser-to-x-ray conversion efficiencies of laser-produced plasmas.

Spectrometry of X-Ray beams Used for Calibrations

Lead Organizational Unit:



Radiation Interactions and Dosimetry Group

Lawrence T. Hudson

C. Michelle O'Brien

Jason S. Walia